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  • 8 Things You Never Knew About Your Hair

    Every day we spend time primping and preening, curling and teasing, straightening and blow drying our hair but here are a few things that I bet you never knew.

    #1 Your hair is dead!

    Apart from the hair just beneath the scalp your hair is no longer alive; it is dead as soon as it
    has grown out of your scalp. Advertisers were banned from saying their hair products could give your hair more life as you cannot give more life to something not alive in the first place. This fact can debunk the popularly held believe that trimming hair makes it grow faster. Your hair grows from the scalp; cutting off the ends has no effect on this.

    #2 Hair is super strong!

    Each individual strand of hair can support 100 grams of weight. Considering most people have over 100,000 hairs on their heads that could equal over 20 tonnes!

    #3 It grows faster in summer

    On average hair grows half an inch a month but hot weather can help stimulate growth. This means summer is the perfect time to grow out any dodgy short hair styles.

    #4 You are always losing it

    Every day you lose around 100 hairs but with tens of thousands to choose from this doesn’t notice. Brushing hair too hard or too often can cause hair to break off so if you don’t want this to happen brush your hair gently. Many people worry about potential hair loss; if you are one of these you may be interested to know that baldness will only become apparent once over half the hairs from your scalp have gone.

    #5 The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off

    There are lots of hair products on the market claiming to fix split ends. If a product could do this it would somehow be able to fuse the strands that had split back together. This is not possible so the only way to sort them out is having them trimmed off.

    #6 Hair lives for 5 years

    As already stated, hair is not actually alive. When I say ‘lives’ I mean a strand will be attached to your head for around this amount of time. This can mean hair, especially darker hair, can appear lighter at the ends as this hair has been around long enough to accompany you on a few summer vacations over the years.

    #7 You do not need to wash it every day

    So many people do this without even thinking about whether they actually need to or not. You should only wash it when it feels greasy which will differ from person to person. Washing hair when it doesn’t need it can make it produce too much oil which will only go to make it greasier a vicious cycle.

    #8 You shouldn’t brush wet hair

    Most of us brush our hair out straight after washing but brushing wet hair is not good for it as it can make hair a lot more prone to breakages. If you can allow it to air dry for 10 minutes or so.


    Do you have more surprising facts to add? Did we teach you something new? Let us know below!


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