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    For the busy girl who has no time to be particular with her hairstyle. For lazy days when you are too unmotivated to do every little detail of ironing, braiding, and whatnot just to look good. Even if the last thing on your mind is your hair, it does not need to show in your appearance. We have collected some hair hacks to help you cheat the world’s eyes. You can still look your best with very minimal effort. We can never have enough excuses not to.

    First things first, what are hair hacks?

    It is simply a more specific version of a lifehack, which is an alternate way to do something hence, making one’s life easier.


    1. How to Fake Bangs

    Cutting you hair is not always the thing to get bangs. Much more not artificial hair! To get more natural looking bangs at the fastest time, you just need to learn the trick in doing a top knot. Just follow these easy steps and you can have fake bangs at your convenience.

    1. The Trick for a Fuller Ponytail

    Do you prefer the high ponytail over the low one, but just could not achieve the fuller look? Well, you can try these instructions and wear a ponytail with a fuller look in a matter of 2 minutes! And the secret to this would not even cost you any more than $3.

    • Tie your hair into a ponytail and then divide your hair into two sections. Flip back the top part.
    • Place the clip in your hair.
    • SLIGHTLY tease the top section to avoid an unpleasant mess instead of natural looking ‘do you are aiming for.
    • Spray with aerosol spray to secure the look and you are done!

    You can also try this trick for same result.

    1. Trick for a Longer Ponytail

    If you can fake your hair’s volume, you can do the same to its length. A medium length ponytail is not as flattering from the back. So, to achieve a longer ponytail, try these!

    • Divide hair in two sections as shown on the picture.
    • Tie the top part like you are going to a half-up hairstyle. Add some hair on the sides to easily hide the second ponytail.
    • Gather the bottom part in second ponytail.
    • Fluff your hair a bit and you are all-set for an active day!
    1. How to Wear a Bobby Pin

    Breaking the myth, yeah. We have all been accustomed to using bobby pins the wrong way. Now that you are informed, make you sure you spread the news!

    1. Bobby Pins as Graphic Hair Accessory

    Now that you know the basic rule in using bobby pins, you can now move on to wearing them as a more artistic accessory. Normally, we use them to keep our hairstyle intact and try to conceal them as much as we can. But the thing is, you can experiment and make creative looks with these reliable pins! Here are some patterns you can try, but you can definitely make your own bobby pin statement.

    1. How to Make Dry Shampoo Work for You

    Dry shampoo can go a longer way for you than just keeping your hair neat looking. Make sure you apply it at the right time.

    Perfect occasions to apply dry shampoo:

    • After a gym session.
    • After a long day of travelling.
    • Use only when necessary. It is recommended to still use regular shampoo and water to clean the scalp.
    • Do not apply on wet hair or it will clump.
    1. Make Your Hair Seem Thicker

    Wondering what she is doing? Apparently, you can use makeup to make your hair appear thicker. Apply an eyeshadow as the same shade as your hair along your scalp. This is also applicable even when you are wearing a ponytail. All you need to do is dust the eyeshadow on your hairline instead.

    1. For Less Oily Hair

    As self-serving as the picture is, you can blot away excess oil on your scalp with a toilet seat cover. It is a very cheap alternative when you do not have any blotting paper at hand.


    9. Tip Before Diving into the Pool

    Of course you experienced your hair being dry and tangled into an impossible whenever you go swimming. The thing we should all know is that our hair instantly absorbs the first liquid it comes in contact with. Suffice it is to say, it is better to expose it into a healthier fluid like a conditioning mask before chlorine or salt water.


    Did you find any of these helpful? Do you have any more hair hacks to share? Tell us!

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