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  • Make Your Own Hair Mask

    When was the last time you actually pampered your hair? Instantly, you have thought of the last time you went into a salon, right? Contrary to what always first comes to our mind thinking about hair treatments, spoiling your hair does not always happen there. But instead you can do it in the safest and most comfortable place, which is your home. Yeah, this would be again another series of homemade hair products. Simply because giving your hair some love every once in a while is highly encouraged. There are so many hair packs in available in store you can choose from which are specifically directed to one problem like there is a hydration hair mask, aniti-frizz hair mask, restorative hair mask, and so on and so forth.

    But now we would like to give you very simple recipes if you aren’t quite sure which brand of hair mask to pick. These are composed of ingredients you can provide without trouble. Plus, there is a certain sense of fulfilment and pride made when you know you mixed your own hair mask isn’t it? This is also one of the best activities you can do with your friends, especially on a sleepover. Salons do offer this service too, and if you are willing to pay the price, you are free to do so. But for girls on a budget, making your own hair pack is definitely not a no-no.

    The most important thing here is to acknowledge what your hair primarily needs – moisture, shine, damage repair, etc. We are certain you are going to enjoy every step of this hair care process from the combining of ingredients to the actual application.


    All the reasons all boil down to looking good and feeling good about hair. This can also be done in 15-30 minutes. Spare such time before you go to sleep once or twice a week. Count a few weeks and the result of being diligent about your hair will then start showing.

    Hydrating Mask

    Totally not only good for the summer. Your hair can turn dry in an instant with the touch of wrong products. Try this easy mix you might even be tempted to eat and address your hair moisture issue once and for all.

    What you’ll need:

      • Banana (half or full depending on the length of hair)
      • Coconut oil (3-4 slices of mango)
      • Mango (2 tbsps)
      • Yogurt (4 bsps)

    Blend together until you reach a paste-like consistency. Let sit on hair for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.

    Anti-Frizz Hair Mask

    Frizz is our ultimate enemy. Know how to tame your stubborn hair with every application of this hir mask.

    What you’ll need:

      • Coconut oil (1/4 for thin hair, ½ for thick hair)
      • Honey (1 tbsp)
      • Natural yogurt (2 tbsps)

    Mix together and enjoy the treatment once a week. Leave on hair for 15-20 minutes.

    Restorative Hair Mask

    Restorative masks are known to target dry, damaged and frizzy hair. If your hair is any or a combination of the three, this mix is perfect for you!

    What you’ll need:

      • Avocado (1/2)
      • Egg (2)
      • Extra Virgin Olive oil (2tbsps)

    Hair Mask for Shiny Hair

    Your hair will surely love strawberries as much as you do!

    What you’ll need:

      • Coconut oil
      • Strawberries (5-7)
      • Honey

    Blend well and apply on hair.


    Do you have any hair mask recipes you’d like to share?


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