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  • Everything you need to know about Ombre hair

    The ombre hair trend is not only for the bold and daring. You have the freedom to decide how dramatic you want it to be, anyway. Ombre is for inspiring change.
    You probably have noticed that what you do with your hair alters not only your physical appearance but transforms your inner self into something as well. Get an emo haircut with dark violet highlights and you will almost always feel like projecting such persona.

    Definition of OMBRÉ

    :  having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark
    ombré noun

    Why Ombre?

    There are a dozen of reasons why you should try the ombre trend now. Well, obviously, try it before the trend is over. But besides being in, giving your hair some highlights in particular areas gives a fresher look.

      • Ombre defies age.

    If you are constantly stressed out and noticing that life is turning your face old, try shades which are close to your hair color. Lightening your tips can add to a youthful glow.

      • Stylish solution to growing out your roots.

    That is the aim -- to make it appear like you are growing out your roots. And if you actually are doing the same, going for ombre is the perfect trick.

      • Easy to maintain.

    Especially true if you opt for darker roots to lighter ends. My tip is to wear shades closest to your natural hair color.

      • Ombre is fun.

    Certainly, ombre highlights add spice to your look. And unlike other color ideas, you can personalize it.

    Can You Do Ombre at Home?

    A big YES! For starters, it is best to buy ready-mixed ombre kits instead of buying separate bleaching agent and hair color. Turn to for additional instructions and see how others do it. But if you do not want to take a risk, you can always go to the salon and get your ombre look.

    Black Hair

    Highlights on black hair is the most evident, which suggests most careful actions. People conclude it is hard to achieve an impeccable color transition on black hair, but it is not. The two most important things to consider are texture and haircut. Ombre on black works best for loose hair. So, make sure you blow your hair on a regular basis. On the matter of haircut, on the other hand, the layered cut is the perfect hairstyle. Here are some ombre color ideas for your black hair.

    Highlight Ideas for Black Hair

    Brown Hair

    They say this is the perfect color for an ombre. And I could not disagree. Brown to blonde ombre is, as a matter of fact, the top most wanted look. And there is a vast range of color ideas you can try for your brown hair to look beautiful and different. Check these!

    Highlight Ideas for Brown Hair


    Blonde Hair

    Blonde ombre sort of reverses the rule. Instead of from darker roots to lighter ends it goes the other way around – from lighter roots to darker ends. Despite that though, it does not decrease in any way the fresher impression of an ombre look.

    Highlight Ideas for Blonde Hair


    Cool Ombre Ideas

    Color your hair out of the box and be gorgeous in your own interesting way. Be fashion brave like these women. Liberate yourself and show your true colors!

    Get up your seat now and claim your right to be more beautiful. Have you decided yet what shade you want? Make sure you do not forget the considerations!

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