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    Lucky are the girls who know just what ‘do to wear where and when. But for those who get too caught up in thinking what hairstyle to do, hence causing unnecessary anxiety, always remember that fashion should be fun. If deciding for your hairdo on a particular occasion stresses you out, you are probably doing it the wrong way. To offer you a little style help, we are sharing you this hairstyle guide good to let you through an event with grace. If you are unsure of what to do with your hair and do not have the luxury of time or the budget to have your hair fix by an expert, try the simple and classic hairstyles that will never ever go wrong.

    A Bob

    There is a right bob cut for every face shape, which makes this a very flattering style. You can wear it as simple as it is or you can add a few accessories for more drama. This one is a classic. It has evolved through time and it remains one of the top looks since the 1920s.  The timeless bob cut has a lot of variations. You can also go with or without bangs. Take a look, compare, and decide which one is for you!

    Assymetrical Bob
    Layered Bob

    A Chignon

    Real fashionable women know that a chignon is the easiest way to look presentable at any occasion. It is also pertained to as the modern bun. It keeps your hair away from your face and bestows a feminine aura. Appropriate to wear on wedding, board meetings, girl’s night out, and even on your date. There are many styles you can do to make a simple chignon look more fashionable. But what’s important right now is to know the basic.

    This is the easiest way to wrap your hair into a chignon. Once you have gotten the hang of it, you can pursue your skills and try on the braided chignon, messy chignon and a lot more!



    Curls are traditionally associated with special events. But it can also be worn on semi-formal gatherings even on casual trips. Creating waves from your hair is not actually that complicated. You do not need a professional to create the appropriate hairlocks, but instead practice is what you need. Be it the ironing or the no-heat method.

    If you are doing the iron method, keep in mind that this is the right way to achieve natural looking curls.


    The Half-up

    To set your expectations, the half-up style takes a little time to do compare to other hairstyles. But that is no hindrance to keep women from getting this look. The half-up ‘do projects a very feminine and sophisticated persona. Plus, it works well with any type of hair. Curly-haired and straight-haired girls can both enjoy this look. Basically, you would divide hair into two parts. There are many ways to pin it. You can simply use a fashionable pin; you can braid it, whatsoever. Just be creative and do what is comfortable at the moment.


    A ponytail might sound boring, only if you do not know how to style it. It would not be the universal hairstyle for nothing. Gathering your hair in a ponytail is not only if you have an active schedule ahead or if you are doing something physical. It can only be your simplest means to elegance. You can wear a ponytail even on special events without your face feeling stretched. There are many ways to wear a ponytail. You can also be creative on your own and come up with your personal way of wearing a it. Make sure you let us know if you do!


    You can also complete your ponytail look with a ribbon for a youthful mien.


    You see, there is never a reason to feel inappropriate for an event. If the first style didn’t work, there are four other hairdos to back you up. What is your go-to hairstyle? Share it with us!


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