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  • 5 Bad Hair Habits You Might Be Doing

    Your lifestyle affects your hair. From what you eat to your styling habits, they all mattered when it comes to the overall wellness of your tresses. If you are constantly dealing with hair problems like hair breakage, hair fall, split ends, thin hair, and the sort, there is probably something wrong with your habits. Do not blame it merely on the obvious reasons and conclude that the shampoo or conditioner you are using sucks.

    Despite the fact that our hair is dead, mentioned on 8 Things You Never Knew About Your Hair, your day-to-day activities can transform it into something beautiful or problematic. Now, it is time for you to reflect on your hair care regimen. However, not only efforts directed towards your hair matter, but embracing every aspect of your way of life, like going on a crash diet. Whenever you starve yourself for a significant period of time, the energy and nutrients from the little food you eat are geared toward the heart and brain functions, which are needless to say most vital. Hence, leaving very little or sometimes no share for hair construction.

    So, we’ve gathered up a list of the most common hair habits you should be avoiding to help you reorganize your routine.

    Sharing and Unhygienic Combs and Brushes



    Sometimes we are too close with the people around to the extent of sharing personal things. However, there is no blame since as much as we want to keep our hair healthy, there is also a pressure present to avoid offenses being made when someone borrows your comb or your brush. It cannot be totally prevented, thus the best thing to do is to always bring your own, so you never have to be the one to borrow.

    On the matter of cleanliness, using unhygienic combs and brushes simply nulls all your hair care drills. Residues are left on your comb or brush after using it. And using it in the same unclean state would only give the unhealthy elements an access to your hair again. Sanitizing your combs and brushes can be easily done by using a toothbrush dipped in a shampoo solution.

    Blow Drying Too Often



    Many of us have been too accustomed to blow drying after every bath because it makes the hair manageable. However, doing it excessively will surely take a toll on your hair. If you do not know yet, heat is your hair’s biggest enemy. It dries the scalp and takes away natural moisture from your hair. So what you should do is maybe save blow-dry for special days or if it really cannot be skipped, make sure you turn the heat not too high, to minimize the damage.

    Using Elastic Bands

    Tying your hair with a hair band is so overrated and really necessary on certain situations. However, it exposes your hair to breakage. The thing here is to know the right accessory to use, which is a scrunchie. They are fabric-covered rubber bands and do not cause too much harm.


    Brushing Hair from the Roots Down

    Surprisingly, what most of us are commonly practicing is wrong. Apparently, it causes shock to the roots. The proper way is to do it gently from the bottom up.


    Mishandling wet hair

    What do you usually do after taking a shower? First thing that we do is comb it, right? if you’ve been doing this since the first time you learned how to comb on your own, then you are messing up your hair from that day on. Our hair is at its weakest when saturated with water. Thus, it is suggested to comb before getting it wet. Then blot it with a soft towel instead of rubbing it dry.You can also use wide-toothed comb for untangling wet hair.




    Which ones are you guilty of doing?

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