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  • Most Common and Funniest Hair Myths

    There are stories which are here before us. And they are known for so many years already that people are fooled to believe them. For example, we do not crack our knuckles because it can lead to arthritis. But the truth is cracking our knuckles is actually helpful because it helps release tension from our joints. It gives a relief that is instantly felt.

    Sorry to say but we also have such kind of false impression with regard to our hair. And today we are breaking those myths.


    1. Our hair continues to grow when we die – sorry for the grim start. Haha! But what happens when the human body dies is that the skin shrinks giving the appearance of hair and fingernails growing.
    2. Redheads are getting extinct – this is a little silly. Genes never die out; they are simply not always dominant. Who knows in the next few years, persons carrying red hair genes would be seen more than the dark-haired ones.
    3. Maintaining natural hair is expensive and time consuming – if you have suffered from this, you are most probably not doing the right care for your hair type. You do not need so many products to manage your hair. Just do regular detangle-deepcondition-wash-style routines like how you normally do in other parts of your body.
    4. Your hair needs plenty of oil to remain moisturized – this is why many are facing greasy scalp problem. What your hair primarily needs is water. And then seal it with a little amount of oil or oil-based moisturizer. Tip: Look for products with water composition.
    5. Redheads are conceived during menstruation – apparently, there are more fallacies going on about people with red hair. To be honest, I think this is the most beautiful among natural hair colors. To clear off such nonsense, no studies have ever proven this to be true.
    6. African-American (Afro) hair is not work-appropriate – what? Seriously, people who acknowledge this have a severe issue with racism.
    7. Sunlight makes the hair grow – this cracked me up. Your hair is not a plant, okay? Okay.
    8. Regular trims promote hair growth – this is another misconception about hair growth. Whether you cut your hair or not, it is bound to grow an average of half an inch every passing month. Another habit we are used to doing to aid in hair growth is massaging our scalp. Although it is not proven effective to make hair grow faster, a little pressure on our head is still soothing.
    9. Age is not an issue in getting hair transplant – yes, it is a fact that we have different hair loss rates and that we have varying conditions. But age will remain an important factor to consider.
    10. My hair will never be as beautiful as that – out of all these myths, never ever ever believe this one! Our hair has a lot of potential for being the most flattering and glorifying crown for us. It just needs the right amount of TLC.

    Our hair deserves the right amount of pampering, and it should not be hindered by circulating misleading notions like these. If you know any more hair misconceptions make sure to share it with us. And together let us change the world’s perspective towards human hair.

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