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  • How to Shop for the Perfect Hairbrush

    There are many advantages to using the right hairbrush. It allows your hair’s greatest potential in general. And it can do the perfect trick for the hairstyle you feel like wearing at the moment. If you see a comb and a hairbrush as one piece of styling tool, this can definitely work out your perspective. Obviously, a comb is designed in an entirely different way as a brush not in vain. And varieties of comb and hairbrush, again, are made for a purpose. Just imagine eating your meal with a coffee spoon or more relatively using a blush brush on your eyelids.


    Fine and Wide Comb

    The name is noticeably because its teeth are made fine on one half and wide on the other half. The wide-tooth is used for detangling while the fine-tooth is for smoothing hair out. This is simply the regular brush that we are all familiar with.

    Pick Comb

    This type of comb is use to add volume to the hair. It lessens the static and flyaway hair which makes it also suitable for curly hair, particularly the kinky type. A pick comb is one tool you can also use as a hair accessory.

    Rat Tail Comb

    You can easily tell which one is the rat tail comb because of its long pointed handle, which is use to part hair with convenience, especially when you are coloring your hair. A styling tool and a sectioning tool in one package.  You commonly see your stylist holding this.

    Teasing Comb

    A teasing commonly has metal teeth and plastic body. The longer teeth are used to create greater volume and lift while the other end is for smoothing out the hair. It is highly recommended to use only this particular brush when teasing hair as its bristles are crafted to leave hair without breakage while teasing.

    Wide Tooth Comb

    This is crafted mainly for detangling hair. The large spaces between the teeth minimize the possible damage when combing wet or tangled hair. This is also the appropriate comb to use for girls with curly hair. This gently detangles hair without ruining your curls. Commonly made of wood, plastic or metal.


    Paddle Brush

    Intelligently designed to give your head a massage while brushing your hair. The bristles are placed in a cushion which is why it is also named the cushion brush. This type of brush is used for detangling, shining and smoothing hair, particularly for straight hair.

    Radial Brush

    This is your best friend on special occasions and curls are demanded. If you need more volume with your hair, buy the radial brush with vents as it allows airflow letting you achieve the volume you want. The pins are also rounded to avoid scratching your hair and scalp.

    Half Radial Brush

    Unlike the round or radial brush, this type has a cushion which makes airflow possible. This is great for making your hair flick out in a fashionable way. It does not make as much volume as its round counterpart but it has the advantage of a paddle brush to smooth hair out.


    Shopping for a new comb or hairbrush would never be as easy as when you know which one you really need. Which is one is for you?

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