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  • How to Blow-Dry like a Pro

    After finding the perfect brush for your hair, the next logical thing to learn is how to blow-dry. You already know the uses of each comb and brush and with proper blow-drying process; better days are ahead of you. Make your hair have that after-salon-haircut shine every single day.

    Heat is our hair’s biggest enemy. It makes our tresses prone to breakage and dries it out. That is why it is crucial to know the right way to blow-dry your hair, from the duration to the temperature and everything you need to know about it. The proper way isn’t damaging, but instead it is gentle and gives your hair an agreeable bounce and shine.

    How To Blow-Dry like a Pro

    • Most important is to use the right kind of blow-dryer. It should include a low-temperature setting and should allow alteration of the air stream. Blow-drying for too long or with high temperature is one thing to blame for hair problems like irritated scalp, brittle hair and split ends. Tip: If you have fine hair, set the air stream to low to avoid tangles.
    • Other things you will need: paddle brush, heat protectant spray, a diffuser attachment and a large hair grip. These tools would make blow-drying relatively easier for you.
    • Keep some distance. The blow-dryer should be on an average of eight inches away from your hair.
    • No hair strand should be left not blown. Do it efficiently from roots to tips to achieve smooth cuticle layers.
    • Do not direct the blow-dryer on one portion for too long. Keep it constantly moving from area to area. Tip: Divide your hair into sections.
    • When in hurry, do not fall into the mistake of setting the heat on high temperature. High setting should be done on the air stream.
    • Do not blow-dry immediately after taking a shower. Wrap your hair in a towel and let it absorb the water for 15 minutes. This way can speed up your blow-drying process and also lessens your hair’s exposure to heat.
    • And finally, always apply a stream of cool air every after blow-drying to give your hair elasticity.

    Style Your Hair with Your Blow-Dryer

    The magnificent thing is blow-drying isn’t only a tool for merely drying your hair quickly and making it manageable. A blow-dryer can also be a styling tool when used intelligently.

    For Natural Looking Curls

    Salon is not always your saving grace when rollers fail you. There is a far easier technique to achieve that loose waves. And the only thing you will need is a blow-dryer and your hair is gorgeously styled in minutes!


    For Short Hair

    If I haven’t mentioned it yet, blow-drying process varies depending on the length of the hair. For short hair what you want is a little bounce. The trick here is to apply a volumizing mousse along with the heat protectant spray.

    For Long Hair

    When blow-drying long hair, never ever get tired. To make it strategically done, part you hair into sections and then run the blow dryer with a paddle brush pulling the strands.

    For Your Bob

    Bobs look most flattering when the ends are rolled softly. And that is the aim when blow-drying. To achieve this look use a round or radial instead of a paddle brush.


    It does not take forever to master the art of blow-drying. You can even experiment for other hairstyles using a blow-dryer on your own. Just make sure you do not forget the dos and don’ts for your hair health. How do you use your blow-dryer at home?


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