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  • 20 Hairstyles that Define the World


    Some women are remembered in that one hairdo they once had even though they have altered their look through time. These are the hair trends that would NOT be gone after months. These styles would serve as inspirations for a lifetime. Any faces flashing on your mind right now? Let us have a retrospect of these amazing women who truly own their looks and turned it into an iconic hairstyle.

    1. Audrey Hepburn

    The Audrey Hepburn has two most notable hairstyles of all time. The Beehive as seen on Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which was very feminine, and the boyish style cropped hair when she was still new in the industry. Either way, she is beautiful.

    2. Amy Winehouse

    Amy definitely left us a legacy apart from her music. Her oversized beehive hairstyle matched with winged-eyeliner is a look that will always be hers.

    3. Annie Lennox

    Annie totally has an edge with short cropped hairstyle look either in red or platinum blonde.

    4. Carrie Bradshaw

    A character which made a great impact in American TV. Carrie, portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker, was remarkable for her big blonde Sex and the City hair.

    5. Diana, Princess of Wales

    She has undoubtedly one of the prettiest faces ever seen on earth complimented by her famous side-swept boyish hairstyle.

    6. Emma Watson

    She is most likely the youngest in our list. But even at her young age, she was able to make a stirring impression when she trimmed her curls into a charming pixie. It was a very smart and chic step to leave her Hermione image.

    7. Halle Berry

    Certainly, there is one image of Halle that you remember when you hear her name. And that is a classy cropped hair with spiky bits.

    8. Jennifer Aniston

    Jen will always be associated with her ‘The Rachel’ hairstyle as she is always linked with Friends no matter how long ago that was. That hairstyle became one of the most demanded looks during the show’s prime.

    9. Julia Roberts

    Julia’s characters in Pretty Woman and My Bestfriend’s Wedding really serve as an inspiration to natural curly-haired girls to love their messy crown.

    10. Lady Gaga

    Like Nicki Minaj, her ideas of a hairstyle are always unique. We have seen her in out of the ordinary hairdresses, but this look from her first music video Poker Face will always remain.

    11. Madonna

    Madonna and her blond ponytail.

    12. Margaret Thatcher

    She is a concrete example of growing old with grace. This lady wasn’t only prominent in the field of politics but in hair and beauty as well with her perfectly coiffed blond hair.

    13. Marilyn Monroe

    The way her blonde waves were styled is a classic hairdo that will always be a significant part of the 20th century.

    14. Nicki Minaj

    Her hairstyles ever since her first appearance on TV were all bold and extraordinary, but wearing a rainbow dip-dyed hair was really fantastic!

    15. Queen Elizabeth II

    The Queen’s royal hairdo, neat set curls, is a very definitive look. Ye?

    16. Sienna Miller

    She is one of the most loved boho girls in the industry with her loose blonde curls completing the look.

    17. The Duchess of Cambridge

    Even before being a royalty, when she was still the simple Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge was admired for her sophisticated fashion and shiny brown hair with soft and bouncy curls.

    18. Tina Turner

    She absolutely set the bar high for a rockstar look. For ages the spiky bleached hair has been an icon for the authentic rock n’ roll.

    19. Victoria Beckham

    She would not be named as Posh Spice for nothing. She was always famous for having chic hairstyles, but her Posh Bob or Pob was the most distinctive.

    20. Zooey Deschanel

    From The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to 500 Days of Summer to New Girl, Zooey has always worn her signature bangs with her wavy tresses.


    Do you have any more names that rightfully belong to this list? Tell us!

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