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  • Long Hair Problems

    Disclaimer: This is not to discourage women to grow their hair long. It is just that the good and bad always go hand in hand. To be fair, we would be doing a list of short hair problems as well. Stay tuned!

    The vision of a woman with long shiny hair is such a sight to behold. However, some things are more beautiful from afar or from outside perspective than they really are. Let us face it. Maintaining your long tresses is not as easy as with a pixie. So, while some girls struggle to grow their hair long, some have to constantly deal with problems that are only experienced when you have long hair.

    Long Hair Problems

    1. Every girl loves the cute messy bun look, but when you have long hair you have too much hair for a messy bun and sometimes it is not cute at all.
    2. Hair getting stuck on purse straps hurts as much as it damages your hair ends. Same goes with backpack straps, the back of your bra and seatbelts.
    You have to shower hours before a trip because your long tresses always take forever to dry completely.
    4. Always having not enough time to style your hair, especially curling it.
    Your long hair keeps on ruining your lipstick and leaving marks all over you face.
    6. When you try hairstyles like a sock bun or braids but your hair is longer than your arms and pushing through will only lead to arm muscle fatigue.
    You have to spend more on shampoo and conditioner and other hair care products.
    When people pretend your hair are horse reins.
    Getting your shower drains full with your hair.
    10. That mini freakout when you think an insect is crawling on you when it was just your long hair.


      On the bright side, having long hair has its perks. And they are cool enough to make ignore all the difficulties that come with it.

      Long Hair Perks


      Being with associated with Rapunzel after Tangled came out.


      You can take hair from one side of your head and tuck it in your ear on the other side and make a fake moustache. Just because your hair is long enough.


      That feeling when you are swimming with your hair loose in the water.

      4. You have more options for hair accessories and styling simply because you have longer hair.

      5. Your hair length is especially helpful during the cold season. It keeps your ears warm and protects your nape from the cold breeze.

      6. Long hair can create the illusion of a less round or fat face, particularly effective when you style it with some waves or curls.

      7. Having long hair heightens your attractiveness.

      8. When you have long hair, you would not have to worry about short unflattering ponytail.


      Your hair is long enough to improvise a hair tie at time when you forgot to bring one.


      It lifts your confidence knowing that many girls just want the same length of hair you have. It just makes you feel proud to have the longest hair in the place. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

        So, there you have it? Do you have any more advantages and disadvantages of long hair to add?

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