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  • Most Effective Cure and Prevention for Head Lice


    Hearing someone has head lice is one of the most alarming things ever. Agree? Funny how can we be so afraid of such little parasites. But the thing that they can reproduce fast and can invade your head in a matter of days is truly dreadful. There are many ways to get head lice. No matter how careful you are with your own hair, you can never assure the same with the people you interact with.

    How Do You Get Head Lice

    In case you are not aware, you acquire head lice from the following situations:

    • Close physical contact with people infected with lice – hugging someone, leaning on one’s shoulder, kissing on the cheeks, friends putting their heads together.
    • Sharing hair tools and accessories – caps, combs, hairbrush, hair pins, hats, headbands, helmets, scarves, scrunchies, towels.

    Prevention is Better than Cure

    This is a very traditional approach, yet nevertheless true. You must know by now that it is not just about having good personal hygiene. When trying to prevent head lice, you should not focus on one aspect alone. Here are the things you should do to prevent head lice from creeping into your family’s head.

    • As much as possible try to keep a personal space.
    • Do not shampoo every day. Head lice are likely to avoid oil. Thus, adding essential oils to your shampoo can be very helpful.
    • At the first signs of infestation, prevent head lice by treating everyone’s head. Then repeat the treatment (you’ll know more about it later on) after 10 days.
    • After treating you and your family’s head, thoroughly prevent head lice from spreading by treating the entire house. Important things you should not miss are beddings and pillows and cases, clothes, furniture, personal care kit, stuffed toys, and work and school stuff. Options for treatment are machine washing, boiling, freezing, keeping on quarantine, or vacuuming.

    Natural Cure for Head Lice

    Now, we go down to the treatments. If the case is not severe, and you think can be treated by organic remedies, you can try the following:

    1. Garlic

    You probably do not like the smell of garlic on your hands. Well, so does lice. The strong fragrance will suffocate those little parasites and eventually they will die. How: Make a paste of garlic with two to three teaspoons of lime juice and then apply on your scalp. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then wash with hot water. Do this once a week for about two months.

    2. Baby Oil

    This treatment also works by suffocating the head lice. How: Apply baby oil on hair and then comb hair in a slow manner. Rinse hair with laundry detergent and hot water. Do this for three to four days.

    3. Natural Oils

    Organic oils that are known to cure head lice are olive oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, and sesame seed oil.

    4. Salt
    This ingredient is known to kill head lice through dehydration. How: Mix ¼ cup of salt with an equal portion of vinegar. Then spray the formula on hair and enclose hair with a shower cap for two hours. Rinse and condition hair after. Do this every three days.
    5. Mayonnaise
    Another inexpensive cure for head lice is this. How: Apply generously the full-fat mayonnaise onto hair. Cover with shower cap and let it sit for at least eight hours. Shampoo hair after and then comb lice out of your hair. Do this every day for a week.

      Over-the-Counter Medications for Head Lice

      If you are not comfortable using natural remedies or do not have the time to repeat the treatments above on a regular basis, there is another way to cure your head lice. Fortunately, there are medications you can purchase on local drug stores and pharmacies even without prescriptions. These are FDA approved, so do not worry your pretty little head.

      • A–200
      • Pronto
      • R&C
      • Rid
      • Triple X
      • Nix


      Having head lice is a very common problem. Do you know another cure that actually works?

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