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  • What To Do with Your Hair on Your Wedding Day

    Every woman should look her best on her wedding day. It is her moment to shine and outshine everyone else. From her shoes to her hairstyle, every detail must be divine. Curls, half-up, half-down, chignon, pixie... There are just so many choices for one glorious moment. How to decide which hairstyle is best for you?

    On Length

    Any length is perfect, as a matter of fact. There is no need to delay your wedding because you hair is not yet long enough to match your gorgeous dress. Simply there is a trick on how and where to wear that ‘do. Fear not of a ‘Bad Hair Wedding Day’. Whatever crowning glory you’ve got there, there is a way to transform a bride into the most stunning version of herself.

    Brides with Short Hair

    The image of this kind of woman is contemporary. Contrary to common belief, cutting your hair does not lower your chances for romance. As long as you are with the right guy, it would not be a big deal! So, do not readily cross short locks from your options. You can go for an enhanced natural waves or a sleek straight short ‘do matched with a birdcage veil or a vintage pillbox hat. It is a wonderful pair for gowns with stylish backs. Look at how these beautiful brides flaunt their short hair.

    Short Wavy hairstyle

    Side Bun for short curly hair

    Retro vibe with straight and short hairstyle

    Short Side Swept Hairstyle

    African Curly hairstyle

    Brides with Medium Length and Long Hair

    This is the most comfortable length for any bride. And it could never go wrong. The most famous style on this category is the Half-up, Half-down. Pinning half of your hair up is perfect to wear with ethereal gowns and really dependable in keeping your hair intact all throughout the course of your wedding day. Yet, I am not encouraging you to lock yourself in that box. Take a look!

    There are so many things you can do. Chignons are best worn with classic gowns with portrait neckline. It is the most effortless way to feel sexy.

    Let your hair down...

    ... or tie it in an elegant chignon

    Braided Wedding Hairstyles

    Braids are simply feminine and romantic. It is just the right style whenever, wherever! It offers variety and so much fun to wear. No wonder bridal braids remain on the trend. We’ve rounded up some braided wedding hairstyles which are totally awesome. If you want your wedding day look to be different and not easily forgotten, try ‘em with a romantic flowing gown and you are so ready to rock!

    Hunger Games-inspired bridal braid

    Fishtail Wrap

    Classic Waterfall Braid

    Double Braided updo

    Braid Hair Wreath updo

    Your bridal hair is almost ready. Finish your look with an accessory for a little amount of drama. Take note: Too much drama is not beautiful. One element is enough to cast the perfect effect. Pick from any of these and be ready to say your ‘I do!’

    Bridal Hair Accessories

    Bridal Headbands


    Bridal Headpiece


    Feather Fascinator


    Flower Crown


    How would you like your hair done on your special day?

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