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  • 10 Most Remarkable Hair Makeovers 2014

    How often do you have your hair cut or rather how seldom do you change your hairstyle? Many of us consider hair makeover as something remarkable. A lot of times, we only dare to have hair transformation when there is a significant happening in our lives, may it be good or bad, or sometimes when we feel like we are in dire need of a new way of seeing life.

    Now that the year is in its last quarter, it is probably time to give you a roundup of the craziest and the most shocking celebrity hair makeovers of 2014 in no particular order. ;)

    1. Adam Levine

    You probably didn't expect we’d be starting out with a male. But the Maroon 5’s lead singer’s selfie with his girlfriend last May made quite a fuss with his platinum blonde dyed hair, aiming for a late 90’s boy band member look. All the same, he is still the sexiest man alive, is he not?

    2. Alyson Hannigan

    Alyson reappeared with her Willow look on her Buffy the Vampire Slayer days early July 2014. Prior to this, she first surprised the crowd chopping her mane into a bob last March. Seems like years being a cast of How I Met Your Mother made Alyson a little hungry for change.

    Demi Lovato

    She is tagged now as one of the most chic hair chameleons in Hollywood. If you have been keeping track, she had bold hair transformations in the past years. She liberally started 2014 as a hint for her Neon Lights Tour by dying her hair neon pink from its blue ombre.

    Drew Barrymore

    One of the latest hair makeovers we’ve had for this year was Drew’s switch from her blonde ombre highlights to a darker shade. Drew turned Brunette for this fall! I personally love her, but I honestly love her blonde ombre better.

    Elizabeth Olsen

    Elizabeth changed her sunny blonde to glossy brunette last February when most of us commonly go the other way around.

    Emma Roberts

    I’ve always remembered her as the Aquamarine girl, white girl-blonde hair-green eyes, but it was obvious she has grown. It was made clearer when she went back to the darker side last June. Lol! Emma is again a brunette.

    Emma Stone

    Emma ended August with a bang by stepping out with a chin-length cropped hair, which the fans totally loved. Social media was crazy over it!

    Julia Roberts

    My favorite Julia will always be the Pretty Woman version. But celebrities always change their hair. And before February ended this year, Julia gave us a blow with her sunny blonde leaving her rich auburn shade.

    Katy Perry

    After a year of being a brunette, the hair chameleon in Katy is back! Last April she debuted her slime green hair, which I am certain did not shock us. We all know Katy will always be Katy.

    Kristen Stewart

    Kristen totally stole the scene when she revealed her bold orange hair. Many were taken aback, and in my subjective, it is not just the right shade for her. Apparently, the actress needed to dye her hair for her film American Ultra. Thankfully, she is back to being a brunette now!

    Seriously, what goes on in your mind when you see a celebrity undergo a drastic hair makeover?

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