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  • How to Pick the Right Pixie for Your Face Shape

    Do you wish you are bold enough to chop your hair into a pixie? Do not worry because many girls are on your side. What makes us scared of just cutting our hair short? Well, unlike other haircuts, pixies aren’t easy to fix when it went wrong for you. There is nothing much you can do to remediate the unflattering result when you do not have much of your hair left. So, the big question is ‘How do you avoid getting the wrong pixie cut?

    Before you go short, the primary thing to consider is your face shape.



    If you have a heart-shaped face, you are lucky! Because you can do pretty much anything. No matter which you pick, it will always make your cheekbones and eyes prominent. But the best look would be a pixie cut short in the back matched with bangs to help narrow the forehead.

    Best Pixies for Heart-shaped Face


    When you are blessed with a diamond-shaped face, the best trick to go with your pixie is side cropping. Shaving the sides can better compliment your cheekbones and jaw line. Getting a full crown is also a good thing as it fills your narrow diamond forehead.

    Best Pixies for Diamond-shaped Face

    Long Face

    When you have a long face, of course what you want to avoid is a cut accentuating on the length of your face. The trick to keep the balance of your face is to part the hair on the side. A wavy pixie cut also works well with this face shape.

    Best Pixies for Long Face

    Oval Face

    Short fringe with less volume works for oval shape. It is also easy to take risk with your haircut since you would not have to worry about balance with your oval face. You can make do with or without bangs. You can even experiment on the cut, styles and textures.

    Best Pixies for Oval Face

    Round Face

    For round faces, your main concern is how to add the right angles to make your face appear less rounder. A side-swept bang may help as well as wearing your pixie with straight hair. You should also ask your stylist to add more height at the crown to add the illusion of an elongated face.

    Best Pixies for Round Face

    Square Face

    Having a square face also means you have stronger jaw line, and you should not despise it. Define it stylishly instead with a shaggy pixie. Side-swept bangs also add a nice touch that can help slim down the face. Keep the length of your hair towards the neck just like Halle’s edgy cut.

    Best Pixies for Square Face

    How to Maintain a Pixie

    Rocking your pixie does not end after getting the cut. Even though it is short and might seem like a wash-and-wear hairstyle, a pixie requires a little more effort to maintain.

    • Have it trimmed every 5-6 weeks.
    • Wash it regularly, especially if you are using leave-in conditioners and gels. Shampoo depending on your hair type.
    • If you have straight hair, you might need to stock up on dry shampoo.
    • For curly hair, even though your hair is short, you will still need a diffuser to maintain your curl definition.


    It turns out getting a pixie cut isn’t a decision you make on impulse. What pixie can you totally rock?

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