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  • 5 Second Day Hair Ideas

    The truth is you do not have to wash your hair Every. Single. Day. It was just etiquette which dictates us to do so, without realizing that we are causing damage to our hair by over washing it. As a matter of fact, second hair day can even give you a better look than the day you washed your hair. You have probably experienced it once or twice when you are just too tired to even have a shower, plus you are not going anywhere, anyway! So, here are some ideas on how to take advantage of your scalp’s natural oils and how to give your second hair day that glamorous styling when you feel the same exhaustion, but unfortunately need to go somewhere.

    How to Make the Most of Your Second Hair Day


    Two of the most popular hairstyles stretching the 48-hour mark are waterfall braid, milkmaid braid and side-swept braid. And they are actually easier to do on unwashed hair because it is less slippery.

    How to Do a Milkmaid Braid:

    1. Divide hair into two sections vertically.
    2. Do a normal French braid on both sides gathering it towards the front hairline.
    3. Lightly loosen the braids to make it seem thicker.
    4. Finish it off by crossing the braids across your head. Secure with bobby pins.


    No other hairstyles work better than crimped after wearing your in a braid. Logically, crimping your hair gives you the edge for a second hair day. You can crimp your whole crown or just use it as accents.


    Wearing your hair for the second day should not make you feel so conscious about it. Try a classic side-swept chignon to eliminate that unclean and awkward feeling.

    How to Do a Side-Swept Chignon:

    1. Apply some styling cream onto hands.
    2. Gather hair into a low side bun.
    3. Loosen some strands to frame the face (optional).

    Top Knot

    You can pull this off in as fast as 5 counts! Gather your hair in a high ponytail and then twist into a bun. Viola! You are all set for the day.

    Cover Your Hair in a Wrap

    Obviously, no amount of dirty hair can keep you from looking stylish yourself. If you like some props and feeling Bohemian at the moment, go for this look complete with hair wrap.


    Headband Up-do

    Alright, this seems a little complicated but it is actually not. It is basically just tucking your hair into the headband.

    How to do this Extremely Interesting Up-do:

    1. Wear headband.
    2. Get 2 inches of hair starting your ear and then twist it.
    3. Tuck it into the headband until it creates a roll.
    4. Continue the process until no hair is left untucked.
    5. Secure with bobby pins.

    How to Keep Hair Looking Fresh on Day Two

    Here are some extra tips for you!

    • Comb hair to distribute the natural oils.
    • Use dry shampoo.
    • For curls, scrunching works. Mist a little water or leave-in conditioner.

    What will you lose when you skip washing your hair? Nothing!

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