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  • 5 Ways to Style Your Hair for Heart-Shaped Face

    It is important to be certain of your face shape, so you know what to work out on. It is not as complicated if you would give it a try. All you need is to notice a few prominent features on your face, and from there it would be easier to tell how to balance out the proportions of the face. Having heart-shaped face gives you that sweet and innocent charm without any effort. So, now we are stretching our knowledge passed the pixie cut and exploring on hairstyles that go perfectly with heart-shaped face.

    The Structure

    People with heart-shaped face are mostly characterized with a pointed chin, defined cheekbones and wide forehead going slimmer at the jaw line. This face shape is also described as the ‘inverted triangle.’ And if you are familiar with widow’s peak, people with true heart-shaped face have this feature.

    Widow’s peak - A woman who has this feature has a V-shaped point at her hairline that descends into the forehead. The same feature on men is properly called a widower's peak, although some people still refer to it as a widow's peak.  (Via

    If you are still having a hard time figuring out your face shape, you can take this online quiz – What’s My Face Shape?

    Recommended Hairstyles

    Side-swept Bangs

    What it does is it helps divert the attention from the chin and draws attention to the eyes instead. Avoid looking like a schoolgirl by cutting it vertically between the brows and the eyelids. There are other kinds of bangs you can choose from. You have the Bardot bangs, which is very versatile or the curtain bangs, which helps add some width to the chin.

    Long Bob

    The lob is a very flattering cut for a heart-shaped face as it tends to soften a strong jaw line, a very distinctive feature for this face shape. And the good thing is it still leaves you with an option to tie your hair in a ponytail


    Yes, people with heart-shaped face are lucky to look good in a ponytail. Doing this style emphasizes the widow’s peak or you can also do it leaving some bangs to frame the face.

    Deep Side Part

    Basically, this works similarly like side-swept bangs. This style frames the face complimentary while accentuating the cheekbones.


    A heart-shaped face can definitely rock short hair, particularly the pixie cut. Your hairstylist most probably know how to cut it right for your face shape. But just so you know, top layers are important to be trimmed soft and long.

    What to Avoid

    • Blunt cut bangs and curled bangs
    • Fullness at the top of the head
    • A bob that is shorter than the chin.
    • Choppy layers
    • Do not attempt a crown up-do to avoid your face seeming longer.
    • Slicked back hairstyles.

    Celebrities with Heart-shaped Face

    Here are some famous people you can take hair inspirations from as they share the same face shape.

    Ashley Greene
    Christina Ricci
    Jennifer Aniston
    Jennifer Lawrence
    Katharine McPhee
    Katie Holmes
    Kourtney Kardashian
    Lucy Hale
    Reese Witherspoon
    Taylor Swift


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