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  • Top Reasons 'To Cut' or 'Not To Cut' Your Hair Short

    When did we ever begin to think that women with short hair are damaged? It is absurd, but a notion that we like to believe. Do you suddenly feel guilty? As a matter of fact isn’t long hair a much more believable thing to be associated with damage, although not the emotional kind? Long hair, scientifically speaking, is more prone to breakage, dryness and split ends. When a friend of yours chops her hair at great length in your mind you are like “she’s probably heartbroken” or “she’s probably going through something”, but mostly the first one right? Even celebrities are not exempted! Let’s not get too serious around here and just laugh about it, alright? Start looking at women who decided to make the big cut in a more positive light. Having short hair already has its own struggles. Let’s not add to it by being silly. ;) That being said and as promised when we did the long hair problems here is the roundup of reasons to love or hate your short hair.

    Short Hair Problems:

    Missing the long hair flips.

    Yes, definitely. When you catch yourself doing the flip like when your hair was still long is always a moment you feel like regretting having it cut.

    Naturally curly hair.

    No ‘hairism’ involved, but short hair is not really very friendly with naturally curly hair. Do not get me wrong, it can be a great look, but most of the time, you cannot tell how your hair would react or how define the curls would be when you cut it.

    Trying to hide bad hair days.

    When you have short hair, there is no hiding it – the good hair days and the bad hair days.

    Not being able to do anything with it.

    Ugh, right? I know we all have this feeling that randomly shows up to try something new with our hair, especially when all you see on your Pinterest are extremely cute hair tutorials.

    Ponytails and bobby pins.

    When you are in that awkward hair growth phase where your hair is bordering long and short that you end up always tying it in a ponytail. And the need to surround your head with a lot of bobby pins to tame the short hairs that are sticking out.

    The agony of waiting for it to grow long.

    Seriously, we all fell into this.

    Passing the braid trend.

    And a lot more hair trends, actually.

    “I liked your long hair better.”

    Getting mistaken for a boy.

    Admit it. This sometimes is a good thing, especially if we are mistaken to be a very cute boy.


    Looking on the bright side of things, having short hair entitles us to a series of perks as well. Which is why we know we will still cut our hair short every once in a long while despite realizing the struggles of having short hair.

    Short Hair Benefits:

    Wash and wear.

    Sometimes, you can even skip the wash part. Having short hair saves us a great deal of time and energy and that’s totally convenient a way to still be fabulous! You barely need to brush it!

    No more sweaty hot nape.

    This is really awesome when you are in for an active day. you wouldn’t have to worry about feeling sticky and uncomfortable even if you forgot your hair ties.

    Drying your hair

    Totally! You do not have to spend forever with your blow dryer just to get it done.

    Save on shampoo, conditioner and other hair products.

    Cutting your hair short also means cutting on your hair care expenses. You would have more allowance for other things.

    Short hair is sexy.

    Short simply shows off your collarbone, neck and shoulders.

    It is chic and fabulous.

    With no effort at all.


    At the end of the day, it is all about sticking with your decision. Cutting your hair short or keeping your hair long comes with a tailored set of positive and negative things. Have you made your decision yet?

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