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  • 4 Simple Bad Hair Day Fixes

    A bad hair day is not something you just have to deal with. Get rid of the mentality that it normally happens, that every girl has her turn for it. You would never need to rummage your closet again for that cute beanie you’ve been keeping to rescue you in such times. From unruly bangs and flyaway hair to big hair and out-of-control curls, these simple, yet ingenious and expert-approved bad hair day fixes can surely turn your day into a beautiful one!


    This usually happens when you travel. You go out of your house feeling fabulous, but arriving at your destination with static frizz and flyaways. So, how do you handle this?

    Solution: Contrary to the customs, brushing your hair is not the answer to tame the stubborn strands. Tip #1: Apply serum from the middle to the ends of your hair. However, if you have oily hair this is not recommended. Tip #2: If you have oily hair, use a light-hold hairspray instead. Tip #3: If you are at home and a dryer sheet is at hand, rubbing it at the top of your head can help.

    Flat Hair

    One of the most disappointing things ever is when your wavy hair suddenly fell flat midday.

    Solution: This actually works for both natural and artificial curls. Always carry a salt spray in your bag to help revive your waves. Simply spray it all over your hair. Then twist your hair into a bun and then allow it to dry. Tip #2: If you have straight hair, the best thing to battle flat hair is to prevent it from happening. Use lightweight shampoo and lightweight conditioner. Apply volumizing foam from roots to tips of towel-dried hair. Then proceed to blow-dry hair under high heat and low speed.

    Unruly Bangs

    It takes up a small part of your head but it has the power to ruin your whole look. This is what you should do to make your bangs cooperate.

    Solution: Rub the roots with wet fingertips. It is not recommended to wet the whole bang. Why, you ask? The reason why bangs go wild lies in the roots. So after rubbing the roots wet, re-blow the roots to the direction you want it to fall.

    Short Time Curls

    We all want our curls to last the whole day, but sometimes with all the things you’ve been exposed to it simply does not happen. What to do to make your ringlets last longer?

    Solution: The trick is to set the curl pattern while your hair is still wet. And then secure with a lightweight hairspray. Before you go out, divide your hair from the hairline to the nape and twist your hair away from the face. Then gather it into a bun just behind the ear. Let your hair down first thing after arriving at your destination. Tip: If your curls start to loosen up by midday, gather it into a bun and spray with aerosol hairspray.


    Now, who says a bad hair day is an excuse not to look fabulous for the day? Keep these advice in mind and you are sure to look great every day of your life!

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