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  • 5 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster in a Week

    Why does a big part of the female populace obsessed with long hair? You cut your hair short, whether it is by impulse or by contemplated decision, and then regret it after the first wash. And then we go through the anxiety of waiting for our hair to grow long. Well, to tell you some good news folks, you can actually do something to speed up the hair growth process! We’ve rounded up several tried and tested ways to make your hair grow faster in as fast as seven days.

    Olive Oil treatment

    The thing is our hair only grows an average of half an inch monthly, whether you trim your hair on a regular basis or not. But this hot oil treatment is likely to give you an amazing 3-4 inches of hair growth in more or less a week.

    Things needed:

    • Microwaveable cup/container
    • Olive oil/coconut oil

    How to:

    1. Pour in enough olive oil in the cup you think is enough to cover all of your hair.
    2. Heat the olive oil in the microwave for 30 seconds, tops.
    3. Let the oil cool a little until you can tolerate the hotness.
    4. Apply onto the hair roots an ends.
    5. Keep your head upside down for about four minutes. (Yes, do this please. ;) ) Scientific explanation is that this position, although uncomfortable, increases blood circulation in the head.
    6. Just let the olive oil sit for about two hours.
    7. Rinse of the olive oil.
    8. Continuous application for a week is recommended.

    Improved Lifestyle

    One of the most effective ways to grow your hair faster always comes from a change within. It is very basic but eating healthily and exercising daily can work wonders to make your hair grow longer in a week. You might want to add protein in your diet

    Food recommendation:

    • Almonds
    • Avocados
    • Dry fruits
    • Eggs
    • Oysters
    • Yellow peppers
    • Yogurt
    • Salmon
    • Sunflower seeds
    • Sweet potatoes

    Potato Juice Treatement

    You might be thinking who on earth does this? Well, admittedly potato juice does not sound so appetizing. However, it can have very good effect in your hair growth venture.

    Things needed:

    • 2 big potatoes
    • 1 egg yolk
    • 1 tablespoon raw honey

    How to:

    1. Juice the potatoes.
    2. Then add the other two ingredients, yolk and honey.
    3. Apply onto hair, particularly on the roots.
    4. Leave on for at least 30 minutes.
    5. Shampoo and rinse hair.

    Use Silk Pillowcases

    If you have curly hair and have been researching natural hair care for your tresses, you have probably come across the benefits of silk pillowcases to your hair. But the catch is, not only curly-haired people will benefit from it, but everyone in general! So, if you are looking for ways to make your hair grow faster, this is the easiest approach to start with. It reduces friction, thus minimizing damage to your hair

    Do Yoga

    Hmm? You are probably in doubt if inner peace can help your hair grow faster. Well, can’t blame you! Apparently, there is a yoga pose that can help stimulate hair growth. It works similarly like the part in the first method, the olive oil treatment, where you would turn your head upside down.

    The Inversion Method

    There are certain types of inversions. You can try simple ones like the plow pose or the downward dog. But if you are looking for a more challenging stunt, you can do headstands. What is more important is that you do this for at least 4 minutes a day in a week.


    So, there you have it, the most effective ways to grow your hair faster in a week! I encourage you to measure your hair first before trying any of the methods. Don’t forget to share with us your progress!

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