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  • Things to Know Before Coloring Your Hair with Henna

    Coloring your hair is a great way to spruce up your style. However, it is hardly an easy decision to make. If you think you only have to pick the hair color or highlights that you want, you better mull over your decision again. Coloring your hair can be as stressful as picking the right haircut. But we want to avoid that. So, before you color your hair, make sure you have thought about the following.

    Things to Consider Before Coloring Your Hair

    Generally, you have at least five things to regard. The hair color you want, your natural or current hair color, your skin tone, allergies, and even the products to use. The replacement color would be easy to decide, but taking into consideration your current hair color, it would be different. Would it be an easy application? Would you need to get into more processes to get the results you want? Thus, can your hair take the damage? Tip: To get the flattering hair color for your skin tone, play with some wigs. ;) Know your allergens and research about the product to be used.

    Other concerns might include company policies. You might have been too overwhelmed at the idea of coloring your hair that you ended up face to face with your human resources manager ready with a memo. The hairstylist. If you plan on doing permanent hair color, application is highly recommended to be done by a professional. Most preferably someone you know who has delivered good results before.

    Now, let us get particular.

    Dyeing Your Hair with Henna 101

    Since henna is an all-natural alternative for hair dye, the application can be done at home and by yourself. Although originally, henna only produced reddish brown color for hair, now you a variety of colors.


    • First thing that you should know, you cannot use permanent hairdye over henna. Yes, I know this might change your decision to try. If you didn’t like the henna result, you wouldn’t have a lot of options to fix it. You can, however, use a semi-permanent dye.
    • Second thing, the color doesn’t last a lifetime. More or less 4 months. But you can re-dye again and again since this is organic.
    • Dyeing you hair with henna is pretty straightforward whether you opted for a brick or the powder. Just follow the instructions.
    • Like the normal hair dye, it will stain where it can. So, I recommend you apply balm to your forehead, ears and neck. You can use Vaseline, Lush Ultrabalm, or whichever product you are comfortable of using.
    • Dyeing with henna requires patience. You might need to wrap your hair in plastic for about 5 hours or so to achieve the vibrancy you want. Plastic is necessary to keep the dye warm and for the effectiveness of the product.
    • If you currently have highlights, consider this. Henna does not even out the hair color. So, if you have highlights, expect the henna result to show different vibrancies.



    It seems pretty easy, right? And one more thing! Don’t forget to use your gloves!

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