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  • How to Tame Naturally Frizzy Hair

    Watch this girl makes sense about naturally frizzy hair. “I can officially say I am happy with my hair now and have accepted it. If the hair is curly and wavy and I do like the fact that it’s curly and wavy ‘cos it gives me a variety of different hairstyles I can do with it. But then it comes with a price and that’s the frizzy hair. So, I’ll take that." At the end of the day, no matter what kind of natural hair you have, you will always be face with its good and bad aspects. It’s okay to look for variety, but first learn to embrace your god-given locks. And then dealing with its cons would be easier.

    "It’s Mimi here today. And today I really wanna talk to you about one of my favorite subjects which is frizzy hair. I, personally, have struggled with frizzy hair my whole life and I know how upsetting and doubting it could be. When I was younger I didn’t know what was wrong with my hair and I didn’t know what to do with my hair to make it normal. I had a lot of friends who have beautiful, silky straight hair I just thought something is terribly wrong with me. And then when I got older and I would go travelling. And in time I was in humid conditions I would straighten my hair and my hair would go spoofy and frizzy. And again I was like ‘I don’t know what to do! What is going on?’ So, you know after years of trial and error and research of products and different things for my hair I’ve learned how to deal with this crazy mane and how to tame my frizzes. Today I will be sharing it in this video so if you’re interested keep on watching.

    Before I talk about how to tame frizzy hair I want to explain what makes hair frizzy. So you understand and you no longer feel guilty for having frizzy and curly hair. If you look at the structure of just any hair strand what it’s really made up of is lipids, which is oils and fats, water and protein. That’s why it’s actually important to eat all those things to have healthy, shiny and good hair. Now why does hair get frizzy? If your hair is naturally curly and wavy, which is for example mine is not curly or wavy it’s kinda in between it can’t make up its mind. So, if your hair is curly or wavy, it’s naturally dry. And naturally dry hair is prone to frizzy hair. Now what do I mean by that? Let’s say you have dry hair and you go outside and it’s humid. What happens to your hair? So, your hair is dry, the air is humid and it has a lot of moisture in it so your hair is like, ‘I wanna have a drink.’ So, it’s like it sucks out the moisture full from the air. And what happens to your hair that you just blow-dry straight it goes back to being frizzy, poofy and natural like you didn’t do anything to it. that’s what really happens to your hair when we’re inhumid conditions and that’s what causes frizzy hair. Many hair experts say that blow-drying using hot tools creates a lot of frizz in the hair. Fom personal experience you now my hair used to be just as frizzy when I was 10 and I have virgin untouched hair. No blow-drying, no straightening, no curling. It was just as frizzy now that I was using a lot of hot tools. It didn’t really affect my hair, so I can’t really say for other people. But I would say that if you do chemical straightening that would definitely create more frizz in your hair or if you bleach your hair. Now why would that happen? Because bleaching or chemically straightening you hair you know makes the hair more dry. It sucks out more moisture from the hair so naturally your hair is gonna be more frizzy. I personally had a Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment one of those. It just came out three and a half years ago. I was like ‘Finally! I won’t have to have frizzy hair anymore!’ ‘Cos what that does is it smoothens out your hair but I would not recommend it ‘cos it totally dried my hair. Yes, it made it straight so when I wash my hair it’s kinda straight. It wasn’t wav. It wasn’t like perfectly straight either. But in the long run, it really kind of dried out my hair more. And once the chemical treatment came out on my hair it became more frizzy and more dry so I wouldn’t recommend it. I even made a video about it when we just started out the channel and a few months later when I saw what it did to my hair I had to take it down. I definitely didn’t want other girls to go through that again. And, I also miss my curly hair. So, the only thing is learning how to treat that frizz. And that I will explain in a second.

    So, what to do and what not to do?

    One thing that you can do if you have curly or wavy hair, don’t ever ever brush it when your hair is dry. What is that gonna do is that it is just gonna create a frizzy mess. What I do usually is when I come out of the shower, I towel dry my hair very gently. And then when my hair is damp, I brush it slowly from the bottom of my hair slowly moving up. And then I would start blow-drying my hair with a round brush. That is really important because the round brush really smoothes the cuticle and makes the hair look smooth and shiny and takes out the frizz.

    And now the really important thing I want to tell you is stop feeding your hair alcohol! I mean it. If you look at most of your products, pick up the bottle and look at the back and look if it has alcohol. Most drugstore products would have alcohol because it’s really cheap for them to put it in everything, on most hair products. So make sure you don’t use alcohol. Why? Alcohol is overdrying and it’s just gonna damage your hair so much and creates even more frizzy hair.

    Now, my two favorite products that I can’t live without and actually work for smoothing out my frizzy hair, one thing is I use when I finish blow drying my hair. I take my Argan Oil and just dab a little bit on my hands and then I rub my hands against themselves . And then I’ll just spread it evenly throughout my and hair. And then I’ll finish it by lining my hair through my bangs and through the back of my hair. If at this point, I still have frizzes here on top of my head. Take a little bit of hair wax. Just a teeny tiny bit. And I’m gonna go close to the top. And then I’m gonna look at these hairs. And then I’m gonna grab them with my fingers and just smooth them out. What hair wax does, it just weighs down the frizzy hair and you’ll have completely nothing. It’s gonna be perfectly smooth on top of your head. And that’s my favorite favorite trick of all time. When I go travelling, no matter what I do if I blow-dry my hair, I come out of the room, I go to a restaurant, in a matter of hour or two, I can just feel it. My hair is going back. It was sucking up that moisture back to that naturally frizzy and wavy hair. I usually have the Argan oil and the hair wax handy with me. Because what I do, I would do the same thing after I blow-dry. Take a little bit of the oil, run my fingers through the hair. A little bit of the hair wax, add it. And then if it just became wavy, at least it looks nice and pretty and no longer frizzy. If you’re ever stuck in a hair emergency and you don’t have these products, what you can do is you can just go grab some water. Just wet your hands and go through your hair with your wet hands. And that’s really gonna smooth out the frizzies at least for the time being.

    So, this is how I tame my frizzy hair. I can officially say I am happy with my hair now and have accepted it. If the hair is curly and wavy and I do like the fact that it’s curly and wavy ‘cos it gives me a variety of different hairstyles I can do with it. But then it comes with a price and that’s the frizzy hair. So, I’ll take that."

     Do you have your own tips to fight naturally frizzy hair?

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