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    We are bit by bit figuring out every girl’s hair frustration. Last time we did frizzy hair, now we deal with flat and lifeless hair. It is easy to handle this problem with a new haircut. But let’s face it, you cannot get a haircut every time your hair is falling flat and limp. What you need is s practical guide, a bunch of tips and tricks on how to volumize hair, especially since this dilemma seems to love to show up in the middle of the day, when you are most probably out doing your stuff. At the end of this, we would make sure that you wouldn’t have to worry again about your hair letting you down midday.

    How to Volumize Hair

    You can easily do it with these.

    Part Hair Sideways

    If you are used to parting your hair in the middle, this can be a good trick to instantly volumize your hair. Actually, even you have side-swept style. You can switch sides. It can be pretty convenient, especially when you do not have any styling tools or products handy. However, we cannot assure that this method would always look as flattering as this depends on one’s hairstyle. This is mostly recommended for layered long hair.


    Learning to blow-dry your hair the right way, if not exactly like a pro can help you avoid getting flat hair in the middle of the day. Suffice it is to say, to enjoy a good hair day most of your life, you should invest in a good blow-dryer. So, you would need argan oil, mousse, volumizing hairspray, a good blow-dryer, a round brush. Elastic bands and clips may come in handy. :)

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    Use the Right Hair Products

    You are probably particular with the products you put on your face. You use this one for this problem and that for that trouble. It should go the same for your hair. Make sure you get voluminous shampoo and conditioner because if you use the shampoo available at the moment, it might only weigh your hair down even more. However, take note that some formula can strip away the color of your hair. That is for artificially colored hair. So, make sure you get the right one for your hair condition.


    Give Your Scalp a Massage

    This is free and it works! Simply massage your scalp with your fingertips as you would squeeze a lemon. Do this weekly and it would improve the condition of your scalp. The movement and pressure on the scalp would help clear the pores of sebum blocking the follicles. If you would like faster results though, you can do this routine with  clarifying scalp toner.

    Proper Hair Care

    Again, like what we always say, true nourishment and healing should come from within. What you do with your hair is what it reflects. If you expose it too much to heat, you would have to constantly carry dry and damaged hair. There are only four things: eat protein-rich food and drink lots of water, trim split ends regularly, if you can’t avoid using heat to style your hair at least protect it, and condition,condition, always condition your hair.


    Now, we can say you’re ready to take on the world head on with nothing to worry about! Do you have other advice on how to volumize hair?

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