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  • 7 Common Mistakes About Hair Extensions

    Before you go crazy about getting hair extensions, make sure you read this. Even hairstylists admit to committing these mistakes. Yes, they do happen. So, to avoid ruining your Rapunzel dream, know what you need to be careful with from getting the hair extension to its care and maintenance, particularly for first timers.

    1. Going for the cheapest. Invest on good quality hair. Before you make your final decision, you are encouraged to do some research on your own. Ask friends who have been wearing extensions or canvass the market. It does not always mean you have to opt for the most expensive ones. We have the so-called ‘budget extensions’ and they can really look awesome and blend beautifully with your hair.
    2. Sloppy application. Sorry to say, but some hairstylist not only fall for this because of lack of skill and experience but also because of laziness. Connecting the extensions takes a lot of time. Ad because of that, some tend to do some shortcuts, applying bonds in relatively larger sections of the hair than necessary. Hope you wouldn’t have to suffer with an obviously fake-looking hair because of this.
    3. Color blending mistake. Even if you do not have highlights and only has one solid hair color, well, that’s what you think. The truth is, even if your hair is black all over or blonde all over, given closer examination you would see that there are still color differences. Some strands are darker, some are lighter. So, the best way to get it right is to take recommendations from an expert before buying hair extensions.
    4. Wearing tight hairstyles – tight bun, tight ponytail. We all love to wear such ‘do every once in a while, especially when the situation asks for it. But constantly tying your hair tightly can cause slippage. The beads, bonds and tapes would tend to loosen in the long run.
    5. Over brushing. Brush your hair in moderation. We know hair extensions are natural hair, I suppose that’s what you would prefer, and they require brushing. But unlike the normal hair, keep in mind that hair extensions tend to get matted when applied with too much friction. So, make sure you just brush enough to style your hair.
    6. Styling hair when it is dry. You have probably experienced it and realized that it is way easier to style wet hair. But apart from that when you have extensions the thing that you want to avoid the most is breakage. The life of your hair extension depends on it. And dry hair is much more vulnerable to damage than wet hair. So, the best thing is to change your hair extensions after getting a shower. And then give your hair ample time to air dry rather than blow-dry it.
    7. Applying heat to wet hair right away. Just like styling dry hair, applying heat to wet hair immediately can be as equally damaging. The truth is you are unconsciously frying your hair strands. It only takes a few minutes to let the hair absorb completely the heat protectant, anyway. So, why not wait?


    It pays off to know certain things, especially for something very personal like hair extensions. What do you think about this post?

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