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  • Short Hairstyles for Your Homecoming

    If you look up hairstyles for Homecoming on Google, the majority of the search will be featuring hairstyles involving long hair. So, we decided to do this one -- Short Hairstyles for Your Homecoming! We would give you reasons to love more your short hair instead of despising your untimely haircut. You would see that there are enough hairdo options for your short mane. And it might just be the look your school is looking for this Homecoming year.

    Accesorize Your Hair

    If you have extremely short hair like a pixie, this advice is perfect. Experiment on accessories, but never put too much. One accessory would certainly do. Here are your best options:

    Antique Comb

    If you are aiming for a simple and elegant look, go for an antique comb. It would make you feel feminine and beautiful all throughout the night.

    Antique Headband

    This is not only suitable for a vintage attire, mind you. Antique headbands can surely go a long way. It would absolutely make you stand out and become the most interesting girl of the night!

    Flower Hairpins

    We love flower crowns but they might be a little less for such event. But you do not have to look farther for the best alternative. Flower hairpins are cute and a little bit more formal.

    Gemstone Barette

    Part your hair sideways and clip your bangs with this. Make sure you pick the barette, which speaks so much of from the color, design and whatnot!

    Glittery Snap Clips



    The perfect accessory to steal the night without trying too hard. ;)

    Braided Hairstyles

    Yes, yes. You read that right! And I am pretty sure this excites you, lovelies! Braids are most often associated with long hair ‘cos simply if your hair is short, we think that you do not have enough hair for braids. Well, these hairstyles will prove you wrong.

    Waterfall Braid

    You can get the same charming effect of a waterfall braid even with your short hair. You didn’t know because you probably haven’t ever tried it.

    Braided Bangs

    You can do this one if you are not so much into accessories or you simply can’t find the perfect pin to wear.

    Side Braid

    Arrive simple but never plain with this hairstyle.

    Half-Crown Braid

    Have the best of both worlds. Enjoy hair flip by letting your hair out at the same time feel secured with your ‘do with a braid.

    And this!

    (Via thebeautydepartment)

    Headband Roll

    Believe me, you have enough hair for this. Here is an easy tutorial from Beauty Tutorial

    Steps : 
    Step 1. Using your curling iron, curl all over, being sure to direct the curls away from your face. Spritz with hairspray.
    Step 2. Determine the placement of your headband and slip it over the crown of your head, pin into place.
    Step 3. Starting from the front section, begin twisting and tucking sections of hair up and over the headband, it should start resembling a crown.
    Step 4. Continue twisting and tucking, being sure to fill in any gaps.
    Step 5. If you have very short hair in the back, use your comb to hold the hair in place while you blast with hairspray.
    Step 6. Set the style with hairspray.


    Make yourself gorgeous for the night even if you’ve got short hair. No excuses!

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