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  • Why the Best Hair Dryers Use Negative Ion Technology?

    The best hair dryers make hair drying a healthy part of your hair care routine. Sounds a little contradicting, right? But advancement in the hair drying technology has already made this possible. Ionic hair dryers are not really that new to the industry if you come to think of it, but it has always remained useful. They might be a little pricier than the traditional hair dryers, but they are sure to pay off with benefits all the dollars you spent on it.

    What are Ionic Hair Dryers?

    Let’s talk a little bit about science first. Negative ions are produced when an atom or molecule gained an electron while positive electrons are produced when an electron is removed. Basically, this is the principle used here. Our hair has both negative and positive charge, which gives certain advantages to other products.

    How Do Ionic Hair Dryers Work?

    This type of hair dryer promise to help hair dry faster, to make hair shinier, and even to make hair healthier. After taking a shower, your hair is wet. The water on your hair is positively-charged which is why the hair dries faster with this tool. When you use an ionic hair dryer, the negative ions it emits split the water molecules into smaller particles making them to evaporate faster.

    Thus, using your dryer for a shorter time minimizes the drying time for your hair. It saves you half the time you usually spend on blow drying your hair.

    Benefits of Negative Ions to the Hair

    If all the terms made it a little challenging for you to grasp all the information, here is the breakdown of all the benefits of negative ions on hair.

    • Helps maintain the hair’s strength and flexibility by preserving the hair’s natural oils.
    • Makes hair shinier, smoother and softer than regular blow dryers.
    • Makes hair easier to manage and style since it dries the hair follicles inside out.
    • It fights frizz and static electricity as a result of the hair’s reduced exposure to heat.
    • Helps avoid split ends.

    Advantages of Ionic Hair Dryer

    Simply these are why you should change your hair dryer to the best hair dryers now!

    • More efficient that your regular hair dryer, mostly when it comes to drying time.
    • Most has a cool-air shot feature which helps cool the hair follicles quickly and secure the styling.


    If this is one of your concerns, you do not have to worry. Certain attachments like nozzles, which certainly makes the whole process easier, are also applicable to ionic hair dryers. Same with diffusers and concentrators. It wouldn’t be considered one of the best hair dryers for nothing!


    Using ionic hair dryer and experiencing fast drying time can get a little overwhelming at the start. So, I should tell you that one common problem people have with using this amazing tool is not knowing when to stop. It is important to realize that this is made to help hair dry faster, minimizing the damage to your hair. Thus, that is how we should use it.

    Isn’t negative ion the most positive thing when it comes to styling tools?

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