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  • 5 Chic Hairstyles for Fat Faces

    There is really nothing to despise about your chubby cheeks and round face. In case you did not know, you would want to hide your strong jaw line as much if you have square face or your high forehead if you have heart-shaped face. You see, every feature has its pros and cons. And the best way to live in peace is to accept it and to make the most of what you’ve got. Funny how we are talking in such serious tone about something superficial.

    Well, I know this is a big deal for us, women. So, let us focus on the dilemma of our fat-faced gals. And just to clear things, not all women who have fat faces have round face or even overweight. It really varies. So, the trick to shed those pounds off your face? It actually lies on your hairstyle. So, we’ve rounded up the top hairstyles for fat faces.

    Hairstyles to Make You Look Thinner

    Asymmetrical Cut

    Stylists have proven that an asymmetrical bob parted in the middle makes you look thinner. But if you do not feel like going with short hair, you can keep your long hair and just style it asymmetrically instead. Pin the other side behind your ear and sweep the other on your shoulder.


    Adding bangs can give you a totally different impression. But be careful with what you pick or it can make your face chubbier than actual. What to avoid: blunt bangs. Recommended for you: go for the wispy bangs with longer edges and shorter in the middle. You can also do long vertical bangs. It has the same slimming effect when paired with the right ‘do. Messy updos would definitely work with it.


    Layers can both work for or against your fat face. So, when doing layers, make sure you do not forget the locks around you face. Layering hair to serve as frame to your face can help balance your face and hair, thus, giving you an elongated look. Part your hair in the middle, curl it, do whatever pleases you. Just do not forget the face-framing layers!

    Long Hair

    It simply elongates the face. Have you seen how Christina Aguilera seemed slimmer in her long loose platinum hair? Get a layered cut with a shaggy finish and you would probably get the same effect. There is so much you can do with your long mane to make you look a few pounds thinner than you are. You can also go curly. You can try irregular curls or a layered cut curled outside.


    Most are actually scared to do this feeling like they are exposing the fullness of their face. But the reason why you should consider a topknot is that heightened updo such as this adds length to your face. And it takes more of the attention.

    Another updo with the same slimming effect is pompadour bangs. It works better on straight hair for fat face if you would let your hair out than on curly manes.


    So, you see, there is no need to be insecure with your fat face. With the right hairstyle, you can surely turn that lack of confidence to genuine charm. Any more tips you would like to share?

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