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  • Tips Straight from the Flat Iron Experts

    We believe that flat iron is becoming a basic in women’s beauty kit nowadays. You can straighten or curl your hair any moment you like with it. Suffice it is to say, it is one of the cheapest ways to looking good. Do you remember those days that you have to go the salon and pay for your prom hairdo? Well, today many prefer or at least are capable of doing it on their own only with a flat iron and a few other products. But the problem is that sometimes the beautifying effect can get a little overwhelming that we cannot stop. You iron your hair almost every day until your hair becomes too damaged.

    Hear what the flat iron experts have to say about it. Everything or at least the most important things you need to know when you are using your flat iron. Do yourself a favour and spare yourself from premature hair loss by being mindful of these advice.


    Applying heat to our hair is by every means damaging. But there is a way to not completely kill it. So, this tip is basically about when you are allowed to iron your hair. You are forbidden by the flat iron experts to do it when your hair is wet. It shouldn’t be 50% dry either. It must be almost if not totally dry. Our hair is at its weakest state when it is wet and we do not want to harass more its vulnerability by ironing it just to have your hair straighten.

    Use the Tool and Products Properly

    Whenever you are planning to iron your hair, please do not get too excited as to forgetting to apply heat protectant. It wouldn’t gain your hairstyle any positive response when it is obvious that your hair has suffered a lot. Even if you are wearing the most awesome curls. You can use steam-producing iron to avoid the tool from totally drying out the moisture from your hair.

    Do Not Stick with One

    We do not suggest that you constantly switch from one brand to another. What this tip merely says is that replace your flat iron when it is necessary. It might still be working but it must also be causing twice the damage at its state. It is time to buy a new flat iron when you see a sticky build-up on its plates.

    Flat Iron Styling Tips

    We know this is what you’ve all been waiting for. If you have been using your flat ion only to straighten or curl your hair, well here are cooler ways on how to use it!

    Crimp with it!

    1. Skip the sleeping overnight with your hair braided to achieve crimped hair the next day.
    2. Start with 1-inch section of your hair.
    3. Place the iron at the roots.
    4. Twist your wrist back and forth as you move smoothly towards the tips.

    Color with it!

    In this styling technique, you would also need soft chalk pastels.

    1. Apply the chalk onto the ends of your hair.
    2. Use your flat iron to seal the hue.
    3. Voila! Now you have a Pinterest-worthy hair!


    Now that you know all these, lover you flat iron! But love your hair as well! ;)

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