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  • 6 Fashionable Hairstyles for Round Faces

    How would you know that you have a round face and not just a fat face? For a common misunderstanding this one is easy to tell. First thing you need to understand is that not because you have chubby cheeks your face is automatically round. If you remember last time we did hairstyles for fat faces, now we would give you hairstyles for round faces. You might see some similar styling and cuts but that is simply because a fat face can be any shape.

    How do you know that your face is round?

    If you fit in the following features and characteristics, then you have a round face.

    • Face has equal width – cheekbones, forehead and jaw.
    • Your face has soft features in general.
    • Your jaw is not angular but rather slightly rounded.

    Now, if you have confirmed that your face is round, you may proceed with the suitable hairstyles for round faces!

    How to Create the Illusion of a Longer and Leaner Face?

    The trick is to avoid volume. You can try chin-length cuts, graduated layers, etc. And do not be afraid of getting bangs!


    Bangs are always a nice touch to complete a look. However getting one is crucial. But if you know the type which would compliment your round face, there is no reason to be afraid. So, which bangs should you get? Your best options would be curtain bangs, graphic bangs, off-the-face bangs, side-swept bangs, a textured bangs, or a combination of these.

    Deep-parted Hairstyle or the Super Side Swept

    What such type of hairstyle does is divert the focal point of the length of the face. It helps the face look oval or a little longer. Apply this tip matching with some waves can be your comfort hairstyle.

    Frame Your Face

    Leave some hair out in front of the ear to shape your face and to trim down the width of the face. A common mistake in following this rule though is hiding behind a lot of hair. Doing so can reverse the slimming effect and make your face appear even fuller instead.

    Go Long

    No matter what type of hair you got, this will always work. A long hair helps add length to the face making it longer than actual. I am sure you would agree if you look at Mila Kunis, who has a lovely round face and has worn her hair long most of the time. To achieve he pin-straight hair, use a good flat iron.

    Go Short

    Aside from getting bangs, this is a major fear of girls with round faces. Do not be afraid to experiment because I’m telling you, a round face is one of the best face shapes for bobs and pixies. You can take Ginnifer Goodwin as an inspiration here.


    If you neither want a long hair nor a short mane, of course, what’s left is medium length haircut. The best we could recommend for a round face and such hair length is a layered cut. Be mindful though that the most flattering layered cuts for a round face are layered only above the occipital bone.


    • Curly hair and short length cut is a bad combination for a round face.
    • Do not cover your face with hair. Read tip above about framing your face.
    • The Bettie Page bangs, rounded bangs, wispy bangs.
    • Bangs for a round face with a small forehead.


    You should know by now that there are many ways (and reasons!) to highlight your round face instead of hiding it. Do you have a round face? What hairstyle are you wearing to showcase it?

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