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  • Why You Should Join the Crowd of Shorties: Bob Haircuts

    The only thing that’s scary about getting a bob is not knowing which among the bob haircuts to fit onto your head. Other than that, we encourage you to liberate yourself in making the decision. Some of the most famous bob haircuts of all time are worn by Louise Brooks, Bette Davis, The Supremes, Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, and of course Victoria Beckham. Yes, we can even suspect that their bobs made them famous not the other way around. Feel free to make these your hair inspirations.

    But if you are still a little bit hesitant, let us teach you how to pick the perfect bob cut for you without copying from any celebrity. It is always best to be original!

    The BOBS


    The a-line bob is cut shorter at the back and longer in front. Adding bangs is also perfect for an eye-framing hairstyle. A-lines suit most face shape and hair densities. And though this is a popular cut, you need not worry about bumping into another girl with the same cut. Express yourself with you’re a-line bob by adding some bangs or even highlights!


    Asymmetrical bobs are a little bolder and contemporary. From the name itself, one side of the bob is always shorter than the other. This is perfect for almost every face shape. And styling also wouldn’t be a major issue. If you miss doing things with hair like when it was longer, you can still gather your asymmetrical bob in a side braid or a side ponytail.


    As how it looks weird but beautiful, the hair is cut bluntly.


    This cut is basically like an a-line from the front. The difference is that graduated or inverted bobs have layered or stacked back. The decision regarding the amount of stacking is on you, so it is easy to be comfortable in this.


    This can be your trick to looking younger! This is also the best option if you have thick hair but would want to cut on length. It would help place the flattering amount of volume in your hair without actually thinning it.


    It is basically the short term for ‘long bob’. If you are somewhat torn in the middle of cutting or keeping your hair, this cut would be perfect! Lobs are usually medium length and are a very versatile cut.

    Bobs for Curly Hair

    I know girls with curly hair are the most terrified to cut their hair, afraid that they might look horrible after. And regrets couldn’t do anything. So, here is a special list of hair inspirations for your curly mane.

    How to Style Your Bob

    Your hair is an extension of your personality, and it should reflect nothing else but yourself. So, here are chic and fun ways to style your freshly-cut bob.

    • Add bangs.
    • Wear it in a solid color.
    • Add highlights.
    • Make a faux hawk.
    • Part hair in the middle.
    • Curl it.
    • Go Afro!

    When you have a bob, that’s all you’ve got. ‘Cos technically that’s all the hair you have left. Unlike with medium length or long hair, you cannot hide a bad hair day in a ponytail or a bun. The best thing you can do for you and your hair is to always start the day right. And for us girls, the real job starts with dressing up and fixing our hair and makeup. No matter which you do first though, you would always find yourself in front of your vanity mirror thinking how to style your hair for the day. That is if you have time. Haha! Kidding aside, the most important styling tools you should invest in to assure the manageability of your hair are blow dryers and flat irons.

    Blow Dry Tips for Your Bob

    It is important to know how to properly blow dry a bob or else you or else you would have to bear with a bad look all day long. So, what are the important things to always be mindful of?

    • Make sure your hair is washed and well-conditioned before you blow dry it. Simply because no matter how expensive and good your blow dryer is, it would always have a drying effect on the hair. Better safe than sorry.
    • Do not forget your heat protectant! Even if you are running out of time, make the time to apple heat-protecting serum on your hair. It wouldn’t take 3 minutes, anyway!
    • Use a Paddle Brush. Such brush helps minimize hair volume, and that is what you want with a bob. The direction of the strokes should be downward.
    • Do not focus on one part. Move the blow dryer up and down as you brush your hair to achieve a smoother hair.

    *Use a diffuser if you have colored, curly and fine hair.

    • To set your bob and make the look last longer, always blow cool air onto the hair. You can also spritz some light hairspray to secure thee style.

    How to style a Bob with a Flat Iron

    You will always have enough time to style your bob with our flat irons which are notorious for cutting styling time in half. So let’s get this started!

    Curly Bob

    1. Blow dry your hair first.
    2. Starting from the hair nearest your face, grab a small section.
    3. Position the flat iron vertically and then twist 180 degrees away from the face.
    4. Let the flat iron run smoothly down the ends of the hair.
    5. Repeat until your hair are curled all over.
    6. Brush your fingers through the curls to create a more natural look.
    7. Spritz on some hairspray to secure the style.


    Tousled Bob

    1. Crunch the hair as you dry your bob haircut with your fingers.
    2. Then you can proceed to loosely curling parts of the hair using your flat iron beginning at the back.
    3. Slightly flick the rest of the hair with your flat iron.
    4. Turn your hair upside down and spray with hairspray to pull off the messy tousled look.


    Make sure you make a statement with your bob haircuts! Have everyone else’s head turning to your direction. Which BOB is yours? Let us know below!

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