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  • 5 Cool Halloween Hairstyles

    It is that time of the year again where you can dress up as witch or vampire or anyone you would like. You can do things with your hair and get away with it. We are actually encouraging you to be more creative on your Halloween getup because c’mon! Witch and vampire costumes are overrated. So, when thinking of who to portray, you should never forget the hair or you would come walking like a cake without the icing. Look at these awesome Halloween hairstyles for the Night of the Dead and we totally recommend that you try them out!

    Have Fun with Nets!

    You can either look pretty with a black fascinator worn with a black lace dress, black shoes and dark shade of makeup or aim for the haunting mien by covering your head with net.

    1. Tie your hair in a ponytail.
    2. Tip your head upside down.
    3. Put on the hair net.
    4. Let the hair fall on random directions underneath the net.

    It should be looking like this when you are done! Put on some dark apparel and you are good to go!


    Zombie Cheerleader Hairstyle 

    Found this cool hair tutorial on Cute Girls Hairstyles blog and we thought it is worth sharing. No doubt about that. If it is your secret fantasy to be a cheerleader then this is your chance. Only we would be adding a little twist to your cheerleader dream. All you would need are cosmetics for your zombie makeup, your cheerleader uniform and some styling tools and hair products! Do not forget to apply heat-protecting serum before you get into this!

    Pumpkin Witch Hair

    This might be a little on the extreme but if you are looking for an adventure and you feel like you have nothing to lose, why not? The best way to achieve this look is by dyeing your hair outrageous orange first and then spraying washable black hair color.

    “PumpkinHEAD” by Jacky-Hell-Oween

    Be a Ballerina

    Dressing up for Halloween is not always about the eerie characters. You can do whatever disguise! Put on your tutu and ballet flats and let’s start doing your hair.

    How to do the Ballerina Bun

    1. Gather your hair in a ponytail.
    2. Grab around 2 inches wide section of the hair and then braid it.
    3. Wind the rest of the hair around the base. Secure with bobby pins.
    4. Wrap the braid around it. Pin the ends into the underside.

    Or Be a Mermaid

    If you are looking into a sexy costume, forget the Playboy bunny and be a sea creature instead. Nothing is more effortlessly sexy than a mermaid. So better slip into your tail now and seashell bras!

    Mermaid Hair

    Done in 5 easy steps!

    1. Part hair in the middle.
    2. Put on some mousse on damp hair before you blow dry it.
    3. Tousle hair with fingers.
    4. Curl the hair away from the face.
    5. Run fingers through the curls to separate them.

    You still have a few days to prepare and to think of the perfect Halloween costume. If you do not have time to fix your hair though, you can always settle for a wig! *winks*


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