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  • How to Wear Your Hairstyle with Bangs

    There is no need to say, but we would tell you anyway, that bangs can make or break your look. And as it easy as it is as it may appear to get bangs, it is not as easy to pick the most suitable style to cut the hair to cover the forehead. Deciding what hairstyle with bangs can get into one’s head. There are certain things to think of like your face shape, hair texture, etc. but that two mostly. Let’s do it one at a time.

    Before you Get Bangs…

    There are a few things that have to be clear to you. You need to know them and you need to be okay about them.

    It is high-maintenance. No matter what kind of hair you have, you have to put in effort for your bangs to look great.

    You may have to change your makeup style. This can be a big deal for a lot of women, but it is a fact.

    Everyone has their turn for messed-up bangs. Well, this go out mostly to women who DIY hair cutting.

    You do not always get what you’ve been hoping for. Just like presents, your bangs may turn out not the way you expect them to.

    Growing it out feels like forever. But the thing is you haven’t even started, and don’t worry we would tell you secrets on how to grow out your bangs with flair. ;)

    If you are okay with these things, then it is time to pick your bangs.

    How to Pick the Right Bangs

    Face Shape

    Heart-shaped Face

    We know that heart-shaped faced have relatively wider forehead, and that’s what you want to work on.

    Perfect bangs for this face shape: side-swept bangs.

    Oval Face

    We can say this shape is the luckiest. An oval face needs something to balance the length of the face and that’s what mostly bangs do. You can pretty much wear any bangs you like.

    Best options: blunt bangs, heavy bangs, wispy bangs, side-swept bangs.

    Round Face

    Since this type needs to work on the width of the face, it can be a bit tricky.

    Best: options: wispy bangs, gently arched bangs, asymmetrical bangs, side-swept bangs.

    Square Face

    If you have this face shape, do not do blunt bangs. We want to soften the angular features and that is best done with layered bangs and arched bangs.

    Hair Texture

    Curly hair: wispy bangs

    Straight hair: arched bangs

    Coarse hair (DON’T): blunt bangs

    How to Wear Your Bangs

    So, you already got bangs and everyone else has it too. Ugh. So here are a few ways on how you can wear your bangs the coolest way this season! You have futuristic bangs, bowl cut bangs, rocker bangs, fauxhauwk bangs and a lot more. Browse on these gallery and take whoever hair inspiration strikes your fancy.

    Getting bangs might be a little complicates much more maintaining it, but once you have it, it can be the most wonderful thing you have done for your hair. What kind of bangs are you wearing right now?

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