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  • Must-Try Celebrity-Inspired Short Black Hairstyles

    There are so many stars to take inspiration from! You have Rihanna, Tyra Banks, Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, Keri Hilson, and a lot more influential black women in the industry. You have seen them looking equally confident and gorgeous with long hair as well as with short hair. But as we are looking more into giving hair tips and advice for women on-the-go, let’s focus on the best short black hairstyles.

    Most of us who consider cutting our hair short have a lot of work to do and most probably always have a full schedule ahead. There is nothing to be ashamed as we are simply just so busy doing our thing and making the world a better place. So, it is relatively a great relief to lessen concerns such as worrying about your hair. Sometimes you just have to tame your mane for good.

    Alicia Keys

    Who can ever forget her? With her Mohawk-inspired look, there is no reason for you not to survive the concrete jungle. You can pull this off with either curls or straight hair.

    Halle Berry

    Even after giving birth, Halle’s sexy image was never lost. And one reason is her hair! Her tousled pixie look is not for everyone. Only edgy and confident women can nail this one.

    Janet Jackson

    You think is daring enough? well, what can you expect from a Jackson, right? Everyone was left awed when Janet debuted her super short almost bald look. But if you have guts to do this, why not? You would be free of hair obligations for months!

    Kelly Rowland

    If you have brown eyes (no pun intended), there is no better way to highlight such feature than with Kelly’s superside-swept pixie hairstyle with brown highlights.

    If you are not much into bangs, Kelly’s second look is a great alternative. Rock your office overflowing with confidence and self-assurance with this pixie.

    Keri Hilson

    Keri Hilson’s asymmetrical bob with side-swept bangs is nothing but chic and stylish. Not too much demanding of maintenance, easy to style and wouldn’t get in the way.

    Her blonde ringlet hairstyle wouldn’t let you down. If you have an unexpected meeting and have to deal with the executives, a minute or two of styling can definitely make you look like you have been preparing for the conference since the day before!

    Michelle Obama

    Talk about a busy woman. We do not need to look far and find anyone else most influential than the First Lady of US herself. Always looking presentable with her short curly updo.


    Rihanna’s jet black long bob with blunt cut fringe is perfect for every occasion. Although it is ‘80s inspired this look can make steal the scene without feeling outdated.

    If you do not like looking conventional but want to join the short hair trend, this is the best short black hairstyle for you.

    Tyra Banks

    There is no question regarding this that Tyra can pull off any look. She gave this simple and almost common straight side-parted lob with caramel highlights a different impact to women.


    Doing the big chop is always a hard decision to make. But these fabulous women proved that you would gain more than the length of hair you lost. And it will grow back! Do you have any short black hairstyle you think deserves to be on the list?

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