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  • 5 Short Natural Hairstyles You’ll Love


    When we say natural, it commonly pertains to Afros or the African American curls. Let’s not be hypocrite here, but the world has split opinions toward such hair type. Half thinks that the texture is not nice and that it is simply difficult to manage. While the other half believes that its distinctive quality is beautiful. Which are you in? No matter what, like what we always say, there will always be good things to gain and bad things to endure about certain hair types.

    But I bet we are all in the same boat wondering how they style their exceptional curls. With that, here are the top short natural hairstyles from awesome natural women themselves!

    Chunky Twist Out

    Found this video tutorial on Youtube and it is by far the most straightforward and uncomplicated step by step process to achieve a chunky twist out hairstyle.

    What you’ll need:

    • Water in a spray bottle
    • Coconut curling cream
    • Moisturizer of your choice.
    • Pick comb           
    1. Work water into hair and detangle.
    2. Apply moisturizer.
    3. Start twisting portions of your hair tightly.
    4. Allow hair to dry.
    5. Work the coconut curling cream through the hair focusing on the roots.
    6. Start pulling the twists apart.
    7. Comb top of the hair with a pick comb.
    8. Continue separating the hair apart.

    Two-Strand Flat Twist

    Apparently, this girl Nik has a kindle ebook about going natural. To all natural-haired girls, she is a must-follow!

    What you’ll need:

    • Comb (optional)
    1. Stretch out hair.
    2. Separate a section of the hair on the top part about halfway up.
    3. Begin two-strand flat twisting all the way around the head.
    4. Twist all of the ends of the twists you made together.
    5. Tuck the ends under and secure with bobby pins.

    Braided Crown

    Straight-haired girls are crazy about this look! But natural hair can also form the same romantic charm of a braided crown.


    Personally, Afros are totally one of the coolest things you can ever have on your hair. And how apt it is to combine an already cool hair with a cool hairstyle. Watch this Frohawk tutorial and feel yourself wanting to do the ‘do after!


    What you’ll need:

    • Rat tail comb
    • Soft brush
    • Hair clips
    • Bobby pins
    • Elastic hairbands
    1. Section hair on the top part of the head forming a triangle. Twist, clip and leave it for a while.
    2. Section the remaining parts of the hair as instructed on the video.
    3. Comb up with a soft brush.
    4. Tie with an elastic band.
    5. Repeat until all of the hair is tied.
    6. For the last section, roll it up and secure with a bobby pin.
    7. Release the front section we clipped earlier.
    8. Pin the hair falling on the sides of your face.

    Hair Bow

    This is actually the first time I’ve seen this hairstyle on natural hair, and I think it is lovely! Be cute with this Cassandra’s hair bow tutorial. ;)

    What you’ll need:

    • Ponytail
    • Small comb
    • Bobby pins
    1. Gather hair in a ponytail.
    2. Use pick comb to make sure the ponytail doesn’t get smaller.
    3. Separate the ponytail into half.
    4. Take one half and position it so it appears like a half of a bow.
    5. Tuck the ends under and secure with pins.
    6. Do the same with the other half.
    7. Accessorize with a barette.


    There you have it! See, no type of hair can get in the way to style your hair the way you want them. What’s your favorite short natural hairstyle?

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