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  • DIY Updo Hairstyles for Every Occasion

    Everything now can be DIY-ed! From household projects to frozen desserts, even hairstyles. The DIY trend actually saves this generation a lot of money. We are simply not living in an era where you have to pay for your hairdo for a special occasion because now you can wear salon-styled-like hair even when you are just buying groceries. Updo hairstyles are great day-saver, especially those days when your hair doesn’t feel too cooperative. Updo hairstyles also offer fashionable choices for your second hair day!

    Here are our favourites! We can’t promise all of them to be easy, some might even look intimidating, but they are surely worth it, lovelies!

    French Roll Twist and Pin Updo



    1. Separate hair from the front section of your hair or bangs if you have. Pin it back to create volume at the top.
    2. Get a section of hair starting from each of your hairline towards the middles.
    3. Twist it and form into a small bun. Secure with bobby pins.
    4. Do steps 2 & 3 again until you are all the way down the last section of your hair.
    5. You can create any number of buns, which you may think is more flattering for your hair. This updo hairstyle almost resembles a faux hawk, only on a more feminine sense.


    Twisted Sister Updo

    This updo hairstyle is really exuding with female elegance. And as you can see it is not difficult to do. This hairstyle is especially a must-try if your hair has highlights. It would help define the twists.

    (Via thebeautydepartment)

    Messy French Twist Updo

    Isn’t this just the perfect crown to wear on a wedding event? It is simple enough not to steal the attention from the bride, yet very romantic to stand out among other guests.



    1. Quick blow-dry hair in cold setting. If you want to be the closest to this look, spray hair with some surf spray.
    2. Take a section from the front part of the hair and then tease it.
    3. Comb back the hair with your fingers.
    4. Roll the hair starting from the ends to the direction you want the hair to be.
    5. Pin the rest of the hair making the rolled hair as your base shape.
    6. Secure the hair and lock with hairspray.


    Fan Bun Updo

    This updo hairstyle is one of the easiest you can try. You can do it in a smart look or a messy finish. All you would need for this are bobby pins and an elastic hair band. There’s no need to lock it with hairspray so the hair looks and feels soft and natural.


    Hair Bow Bun Updo

    We are doing a hair bow updo again, although this one was done differently than the hairstyle featured on Short Natural Hairstyles.


    1. Tie hair in a ponytail.
    2. Loop the hair with an elastic hair band.
    3. Let the ends rest at the top of the head.
    4. Part the bun in the middle proportionally.
    5. Take the loose ends and then pin it back covering the center of the bun.
    6. Secure with bobby pins.



    What can you say about these updos? Would you dare try them?

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