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  • Stylishly Layered Hairstyles for all Types of Hair

    If you are thinking of getting a layered cut because it is the safest cut, you are both correct and wrong. Getting the layered cut is definitely a right decision but for a wrong reason. For one, layered cut is a very interesting style. And it is considered the universal cut not because it is a safe choice, but because it helps correct your face and hair issues. The fact is you can go wrong with picking from the wide variations of layered hairstyles, so it is not a neutral option at all. But with the right hairstylist and knowledge about your haircut needs, it can be your forever hairdo.

    Pros of Getting Layered Hairstyles

    • The right face-framing layers can make a round face appear oval.
    • A layered cut with appropriate bangs can divert attention from the length of a long face.
    • Layers can both remove volume and add volume to one’s hair.
    • Layered hairstyles add shape and fashion to straight hair.
    • Layers give more flattering arrangement to curly hair as well. It adds shape and minimizes the volume.
    • Layered cuts adds a youthful style.

    A layered cut can go long way. With it as a base, you can experiment on color and highlights and even on your end trims. But how do you give some love to it?

    How to Care for Your Layers

    The layered hairstyle is no doubt a versatile cut, but in order to achieve its best look, you have to work for it. Layered hairstyles are at its most beautiful when your hair is healthy, which means having shiny hair with intact ends. As you may have noticed, the ends of the hair are very crucial to a layered cut whether you prefer it blunt or subtle.

    • Use specialty shampoo, hair end fluid and other hair product.
    • Regularly cut split ends.

    Short Layers

    Shoulder-Length Layers

    Layers for Medium Length Hair

    Layered Long Hair

    Layered Cut with Bangs

    Layers for Wavy Hair

    Layers for Curly Hair

    Hair Color Ideas for Layered Hairstyles

    As we have mentioned earlier, layered cut is a very interesting cut. Not only because of how it gives life and body to your hair, but also of what you can do with it. Add highlights to your hair to top off your layered cut. Color, in every way, enhances the cut. Here are gorgeous hair color inspirations for your layered ‘do!








    DIY Layers

    Sounds scary, eh? But it’s actually easy. Achieve a beautifully styled layered hair in 5 mins! Found this tutorial on an awesome blog It is easy and uncomplicated. Look!

    Note: For curly and wavy hair, brush hair first.

    1. Gather hair up in a high ponytail.
    2. Lean forward and take the ends of the ponytail.
    3. And then cut the hair straight across with all your courage to your desired length. You can also have someone do it for you. if this is your first time, it is best if you cut short amount hair first and just cut again if you want it shorter.


    Now everything is said, it is time for you to take actions! Have fun with your layers!

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