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    Before braids were only for little schoolgirls or at least from my subjective. But the trend has taken its turn and now even brides wear them, and I do wear them. What makes braiding hair appealing is that everyone can do it. No skill expertise required. Actually, the messier it looks the more charming and the more romantic it is. But I know inside your mind you are thinking why you cannot get those beautifully loose braids. You might believe that some girls simply have the knack for it, but the truth is your hands can be as good in it. Just always remember these tips when braiding hair.

    What You’ll Need

    Clear elastic hair bands and bobby pins. To avoid the little schoolgirl look please stay away from the colored elastic bands.

    Start Tight

    This should be a general rule. Always pull the hair tight when starting to braid to hair since you can always loosen it up after. Plus, once the braid is done, remember that you can always loosen but you can never tighten the braid.

    Consider Your Amount of Hair

    That girl on the Pinterest tutorial might have thinner hair than you have or the other way around. It is important to take note of this. Tutorials are only there to serve as guide, but how you get it done is really on you. So, if you have thick hair always start with a large amount and then taking smaller amount of hair as you go along to make it more dramatic, especially if you are doing the fishtail. And start with smaller amount if you have thin hair.

    Allow Hair to Get Messy

    If you are a little OC when styling your hair, it’s probably time to take a deep breath and leave the behaviour for a while. When braiding hair, do not get pissed if some hairs are falling out. They actually add a nice touch to your hairstyle. And if the little bumps on your hair seem unappealing, you can always fix them with bobby pins.

    Loosen it up!

    Expanding the braid is very very important to make it look more natural. But if you are aiming for a tight braid, you can of course, skip this.

    Don’t Forget About the Back

    Even if you are already satisfied with how your braid is looking from the front, always check the back. Messy look does not mean not completely done.


    When you have learned these reminders by heart, I’m sure you would master the beautiful art of braiding! You can start with the simple ones – the classic three-strand braid, the French braid and the fishtail braid.

    Once you have perfected those it would be easier to learn more complicated styles because your hands already know how to work its way. Then you can start doing braided upos or intricate five strand braids.

    Here are some of my favourites braid hairdos and how to do it!

    Braided Crown

    Waterfall Braid

    Lace Braid

    Braided Faux Hawk

    Braided Wrap Chignon

    Bohemian Side Braid

    Upside down Braided Bun


    And for a final tip, lovelies, PRACTICE! Do it often when you are at home and you would be weaving your hair in the most gorgeous way in no time!

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