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  • Long Hair Styles Every Girl Must Try at least Once!

    We’ve talked about it before how long hair is such a sight to behold and equally flattering to have. Nothing can define being a woman better than this. Aside from making you feel feminine, sexy and attractive without the need to bare some flesh, one of the best things about having long hair is that you can do so much with it, like being able to create a hair moustache from your very own tresses. But kidding aside, with long hair, you get to enjoy hair tutorials on Pinterest because your hair is just lengthy enough to pull off all the twists and braids. So, here are 5 long hair styles that you are forbidden not to try!

    The Run Braid

    Now this one is just too awesome not too try! And it would really be a sin to not even attempt just because it looks complicated when so many girls are dying to have this hairstyle. Follow this very easy tutorial posted by a lovely blogger, Guilia.

    1. French braid the front section of your hair.
    2. Secure the braid with a small elastic. (preferably clear)
    3. Pull all your hair, including the French braid, into a high ponytail.
    4. Separate your ponytail into four sections, one being the existing French braid.
    5. Braid each un-braided section to create a total of four braided sections within your ponytail.
    6. Grab two pieces in each hand and twist around each other in a spiral.
    7. Secure with an elastic.
    8. And run like the wind!

    Elsa’s Frozen Braid

    You can’t let this go. ;)


    1. Use a dry shampoo.
    2. If your hair is straight, or almost straight, use a 1″ curling iron to curl your hair to create volume.
    3. Create 5, 2″ sections with the crown and the sides.  (If you’re using hair extensions, create this after you  attach the hair extensions)
    4. After using some hair powder, tease the back.
    5. Attach hair extensions as you normally would use them, then split your hair into 5, 2″ sections with the front.
    6. Attach a hair padding for even more volume.
    7. Spray dry wax.
    8. French braid the small sections, one by one.
    9. Take the top 3 braids, and start a big French braid.
    10. Loosen up the braids to make it voluminous.

    If you want a tutorial in motion, click here.

    Katniss Hair Braid

    Another female character we sure would love to be compared with, even with just the hair!

    1. Start on the left side of your head and drag your finger from your ear up to your forehead. This will be the group of hair you start with.
    2. Start the braid about two inches above your ear, and braid pulling the new hair under the braid and in as you continue. This makes the braid pop out, so that it appears to sit on the hair, instead of on the same plain as the hair, like in a normal French braid that pulls hair over the braid and in.
    3. Continue the inside-out French braid diagonally towards the nape on the right side. As you pull hair from the top of your head into the braid, you can leave a few pieces out like bangs and then braid them in later to get the bang look. Remember to keep the braid low along the neck.

    Twisted Bun

    For those day that you do not feel like hanging your hair loose. Check out Lulu’s tutorial!

    1. Begin with straight hair.
    2. Part your hair down the middle into two even sections.
    3. Holding the two pigtails, tie them into a knot and fasten with bobby pins.
    4. Twist the top section, and carefully pin as you wrap around the knot.
    5. Repeat with the remaining section of hair, twisting the opposite direction.
    6. Hide the ends under the bun and finish with hairspray!

    Faux Hawk Braid

    You don’t always have to look sweet in order to be a woman. Try this edgy faux hawk braid!

    All I’m saying is don’t waste your long hair in a simple ponytail. ;)

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