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  • 5 Ways to Go Different with Your French Braid Hairstyle

    We have talked about braids several times already and we would be going into it again. But this time, we would be more specific. I am pretty sure no woman would complain about this subject. Hairstyle tutorials simply pump out our creative juices. The French braid is what we can call a classic braid. When the term ‘braid’ is mention, nothing pops in our heads before this. And because this is such a common style, we would be experimenting a little. We have compiled several French braid hairstyles that would certainly make you look sophisticatedly different and beautifully remarkable!

    Just in case you do not know how to French braid… (but we seriously doubt that)

    How to Go Different with a Classic Hairstyle

    French Braid Twist Tutorial

    Found this really cute hairstyle from an awesome bridal site. And this sure looks like a perfect wedding hair!

    1. It is always easiest to create a wedding hairstyle after first fully curling the hair.
    2. Gently run your fingers through the curls to loosen them. Next, create a halo section of hair in the back, twist it, and pin it with a bobby pin. This twist is going to be the center point for the rest of the hairstyle.
    3. Collect hair from each side of the head, cross them over the center twist, and pin them with bobby pins.
    4. Create a loop/curl from hair in the center of the head and pin it in place. Repeat step three, but this time, tuck the hair you gather from the sides of the head around the loop you just made. Repeat this process until you reach the bottom of the head.
    5. Braid the last portion of the hair and tie with a clear hairband.
    6. Spend a few minutes going back with open bobby pins pinning the hair in various places to make it look more uniform. Open bobby pins are perfect for pinning hair that looks too loose or out of place.
    7. Add a floral comb like this one or a hair accessory of your choice to finish of this bridal look!

    Relaxed French Braid

    It is pretty obvious why it got the name. You can watch more of her tutorials here.

    Fishtail French Braid Updo

    I’m pretty sure you’ve hear about Missy Sue,  and this is her version of this French braid hairstyle!

    1. Begin with a side part, whichever side is your preference.
    2. Take a 2″ section of hair on the heavy side of the part and divide it into two halves.
    3. Begin a fishtail braid by taking a small piece of hair from the front strand, crossing it over the top, and adding it to the other half.
    4. Then take a small section of hair from the back half, cross it over the top, and add it into he front half.
    5. Now begin a fishtail french braid by taking a small piece of hair from the front half, adding it to the other side, then bringing in a section of hair and adding it in as well.
    6. Repeat step 5 with the back strand.
    7. Continue braiding a fishtail french braid until it reaches the back of the head.
    8. Finish braiding the hair down into a regular fishtail braid.
    9. Tie off the end with a clear elastic band.
    10. Now repeat steps 2 through 9 with the hair on the other side.
    11. Once all the hair is braided, wrap the two braids together to form a bun.
    12. Slide hairpins into the bun to hold it in place.
    13. Finish with medium to strong hold hairspray.

    Front French Braid Hairstyle

    If you are looking for a cute way to hide your bangs, try this one!

    Reverese French Braid Bun

    Seriously, a favorite. Start a normal French braid at the bottom and end with a top knot!


    We are encouraging you, lovelies, to put your own personality in your French braid. And make sure you share it with us!

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