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  • How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener

    For a normal girl, which I meant was not living a celebrity-like lifestyle; a flat iron is enough to look good on a date night or any other occasion. When you have a good flat-iron matched with a good blow-dryer, you can transform your hair In any possible style. Since a hair straightener was more often than not used to straightened hair, which is just very logical, by the way. We would be talking about ways on how to curl your hair with a straightener! You would be surprise how you can re-create curls with varying sizes and definition with it!


    Let us start with the technique you would never doubt can curl your hair using a flat iron. You know that trick where you have to sleep overnight with your braids so you get awesome curls the next day? Well, if you do not have enough time to sleep with it, try this! Braid your hair. The smaller the braids, the smaller the waves. The bigger the braids and so are the waves. Then simply run a flat iron on it!

    Take this another curling with a flat iron tip from the lovely blogger, Amy! If you feel a little unafraid to roll up the flat iron near your face, you can do this one.

    1. Dry your hair whichever way you prefer – blow-dry or air dry.
    2. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around your fingers. Amy’s tip was two fingers for loose curls and one for tight curls. Note: don’t wrap too tight or you wouldn’t be able to pull the hair from the fingers.
    3. Pull off your finger leaving a loop in the hair.
    4. Heat the loop with a flat iron for about 10-15 seconds depending on the amount and texture of hair.
    5. Repeat until you’ve got all your hair curled!

    Now, if you are aiming for beach-ready curls, get it anytime you want even when you are not going to the beach. Haha!

    1. Starting underneath, grab a small section of hair.
    2. Twist the hair around your fingers all the way up to your head.
    3. Grab your flat iron and heat the rolled hair. Hold.
    4. Release the flat iron to reveal a random chunky curl.
    5. Continue doing this all over your head.
    6. When done, spray with hair spray to hold.
    7. Run your fingers through it to break up the curls.
    8. Poof it up and you’re done!

    And for our favorite trick… this!

    How to get the casual curls look

    1. This works for dry hair so make sure to blow dry your hair first.
    2. Put about 1-inch section of hair between the iron plates and then turn it to the right as you run it down your hair. More turns for tighter curls.
    3. Just keep doing until nothing left uncurled. You can also take smaller and bigger portions of hair.
    4. Finish with hairspray when you are done!


    What’s nice about flat iron curls? It can be mistaken for natural curls, especially with the last trick! How about you, how do you curl your hair?

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