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  • Short Celebrity Hairstyles We Will Never Forget!

    The past years was a period of pixies and bobs, making ‘it’s just hair’ a very common motto. So, now let’s look back at the celebrities who made fuss after they showed up in public with evidently shorter hair.

    Remarkable Short Celebrity Hairstyles

    August 2010. This was 4 years ago, but thinking of Emma Watson’s hair makeover still has that empowering effect. I guess we have always seen her as Hermione and had never thought of her wearing a pixie. Nevertheless, she never lost a fan even with this move; actually it made her eve an epitome of a modern girl.

    April 2012. Anne Hathaway said goodbye to her locks for a role. And we can say this was one of such cases which really earned a lot of attention. Our image of Anne matured in an instant after seeing her wearing this short haircut.

    August 2012. Of course, we cannot do this list without Miley. Tagged as one of the most controversial hair transformations of all time. Although this was a sad one as we had to say goodbye to the boho Miley we have come to love. Her face still looked pretty but we had to accept her evolution to the Miley who wrecks the ball.

    August 2013. Coca Rocha decided to make the big chop. And as we all expected for her to ever look amazing, she really left our mouths hanging open with her boy cut.

    October 2013. The American Idol, Jennifer Hudson chopped off her hair into a chic pixie. As she captioned on one of her Instagram posts debutting her new short hair, "Black girls rock! Yep, catch it!"

    October 2013. The Hunger Games star cut off her hair. Apparently, her hair had gone to a lot of hair dyeing during the shooting of the film, which made it very dry. The good thing was it did not make her any less likeable. ;)

    November 2013. Although it was said the Charlize was a little upset to have been ordered to shave off her hair again for the re-shoot of Mad Max movie, we think she still looked stunningly beautiful in the growing out phase.

    January 2014. Emma Roberts showed off at ELLE’s Annual Women in Television Celebration in West Hollywood, California with an asymmetrical blonde bob. Made her look really sleek!

    August 2014. Emma Stone strut on the Venice Film Festival Red Carpet her awesomely cropped hair. It was also been said that her haircut totally redefined the image of cropped hair.

    October 2014. Vanessa debuted her red ombre lob and it was awesome! Although this hasn’t break a many heart when she first cut off her brunette bohemian curls, this still made it pretty big on the news!

    And to cap off this list…

    November 2014. Beyonce was seen wearing a blunt cut bob. Although this has pretty less impact than her really shocking pixie last year, this was still worth noting. To be honest, we never thought of the Bee wearing this kind of blunt and curly bob. But she proved she can.


    Anyone we’ve missed?

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