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  • The Art of Hair Wrap

    The sassy fashion of hair wrapping is actually not a new trend. It is a native part of some cultures as well. Hair wraps come in different forms, which it makes it a very chic medium to express your personality. Embroidery floss is most common in the Caribbean while turbans, scarves and bandanas give out the Bohemian aura. You can make it more creative by adding beads and charms.

    DIY Hair Wrap

    What You’ll Need:


    • Scissors
    • Embroidery threads
    • Hair extensions (or you can just use your hair)


    1. Braid  a thin portion of your hair.
    2. Measure the threads about the double the length of the braided hair.
    3. Tie a double knot on top of the hair.
    4. Then you can start wrapping tightly. If you are using different colors of strings, wrap the hair with one string first and then switch strings if you want to switch colors. You can also use two or three differently colored strings to make it look fancier. If you have experience in making friendship bracelets, you can actually apply your knowledge on it!
    5. Finish off the hair wrap with a bead or a charm. You can also add beads in the middle of your hair wrap.

    You can also watch this video.

    You can also do this kind of hair wrap with a simple yarn. Here are other looks you can try to recreate.

    Other Kinds of Hair Wraps

    How to Tie a Turban

    Follow this easy how to tie a turban tutorial and be a gypsy.

    1. Tie a knot as shown on the picture above.
    2. Pull both ends around back.
    3. Criss cross both ends pulling them tightly.
    4. Tuck both ends into the sides.
    5. Grab one side of the scarf and pull it over and tuck it in the other side making sure no hair is showing on top.

    How to Hair Wrap with a scarf

    You can try this different version of a hair wrap.

    1. Pick a scarf. Make sure it’s long and thin.
    2. Gather hair into a messy ponytail.
    3. Make a loop with a second elastic band.
    4. Pull and enlarge loop.
    5. Stop until desired messiness is achieved.
    6. Center scarf over forehead.
    7. Criss cross at the back.
    8. Pull both ends forward.
    9. Cross in front.
    10. Twist together and then pull.
    11. Tie in a knot and tuck ends into the wrap.

    The Boho Turban

    Now, I am sure you have all been waiting for this. I know it is a secret dream of many girls to look Bohemian an to live the Boho lifestyle.

    1. Make sure to use a scarf with bohemian flavours, color, prints and all!
    2. Fold the scarf equally in half.
    3. Place the middle section of the folded scarf against the back of your head, bringing the loose ends and the loop end forward above your forehead.
    4. Bring only one of the loose ends through the loop end.
    5. Tie the loose ends tightly together, but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable.
    6. Securely tuck in the ends that you just tied so that they aren’t visible. Note: The scarf doesn’t have to be just a plain long scarf, it can e square too, as long as two opposite points of the square come to around 60 inches long. That’s a big square.

    Here are some more hair wrapirations for you! ;)


    There are many ways to make your own hair wrap. It can be as easy s a headband or you can take the time to wrap your hair with colourful threads. Just remember that whatever you do, don’t be afraid to be different!

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