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  • How To Use Your Hair Straightener

    Hair straightener offers the easiest way to escape frizz and static; most convenient tool to straighter and more manageable hair. However, it can bring serious damage to your tresses when not used properly. Here is a user guide in using your hair straightener the right way.



    Prepare hair by washing with shampoo and conditioner. For fine hair opt for lightweight volumizing shampoo while a smoothing shampoo and relaxing conditioner work best for thick or coarse hair. This will help remove dirt, grease and product build-up that might get in the way of hydration and proper styling.


    1. Let you hair dry partially and then proceed to blow-drying. To make the process relatively easy, fast and efficient, use a blow-dryer with low-temperature setting, cool setting and nozzle attachment.
    2. Divide hair into sections.
    3. With a paddle brush on the other side, run the blow-dryer with a nozzle from the roots to the tips of the hair to achieve smooth cuticle layers. Start at the bottom layers going up, drying 2-inch of hair at a time
    4. Apply a stream of cool air to give your hair elasticity.

    Tip: Do not direct the blow-dryer on one portion for too long. Keep it constantly moving from area to area.


    Apply heat-protectant serum to the hair.

    In Using Your Hair Straightener:

    1. Plug in the hair straightener.
    2. Adjust the heat settings depending on your hair type and texture. 250-300 degrees for fine or damaged hair; 300-350 degrees for medium/average hair; 350-400 degrees for thick or coarse hair. Note: Avoid leaving the hair straightener when waiting for it to heat up. Modern flat irons were designed to heat up fast and to be ready for use in a minute or two.
    3. Divide and clip hair into several sections for a manageable process. If you have thick hair, create more sections.
    4. Insert a thin section around half-an-inch to two-inch of hair into the plates. And then glide the flat iron down to the tips starting half-an-inch from your roots. Use a styling comb to pull the hair as you straighten it. Do not iron one portion a lot. Heat it around 6 seconds to get desirable result. Tip: straighten first the bottom layers and then work your way up.
    5. When straightening the crown part of your hair, pull the hair up and place the plates as near to your roots as possible to give it some volume and to avoid a flat head.
    6. Finish off with some hairspray.

      How to Care for Your Hair Straightener

      Make your straightener last a long time and in tiptop condition by cleaning and storing it properly. After the plates have cooled down, clean it off with a damp cloth and then keep in a dry place.

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