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  • Survey: Top 3 Guy-Approved Hairstyles

    The fact that men and women have different tastes is very evident. As for a woman’s hair, what you and your girlfriends find really stunning and gorgeous does not look as stunning and gorgeous from a man’s perspective. So, we asked several men on what hairstyle they find attractive, especially on their woman. They were allowed to give more than one pick. And from all the answers we got ranging from short to long hairstyles, we were led to the top 5 most popular replies – the Top 5 Guy-Approved Hairstyles.

    Before we start the countdown, to make the matter more interesting, most of them did not really know what to call this hairstyle and that. Haha! What can we expect? So, we relied on their descriptions to figure out which they are pertaining to.

    #3 Librarian Hairstyle

    On the top 3 is the librarian updo. Ugh. We know right. The low bun updo paired with some blouse tucked in a pencil cut skirt is soo an office attire. Not the look you would normally wear on a date. And according to the grapevine, they find it cute with your glasses on. To be honest this look is not for everybody, we know that. Some girls can effortlessly pull this off and look the charming type of conservative while some kinda fall on the outdated kind of conservative. Anyhow, I think Jess’ hair of New Girl would be a perfect inspiration to look cute here. ;)

    Sporty Ponytail

    At number is the sporty high ponytail! Us, girls, do love our ponytails but we are well aware it is not for an everyday look ‘cos it causes tension to the scalp and hair. But apparently, men love such high ponytail with or without bangs. And men love it more when it looks natural. That being said, just slip in your most comfortable clothes, skip the makeup and you are all-set to turn some men’s heads! You can also wear this style with a cap on to show them your edgy fashion.

    Professional Tip: Always wear it tightly and positioned at the back of your crown.

    Boho Waves

    One of the few things men and women got in common? The admiration for long flowing hair with loose curls. Almost every man we asked answered this one, which earned it 89% of the votes. If you weren’t born with natural wavy hair, not a problem because you can always fake it. ;)

    How to achieve the look!

    1. Apply curl boosting mousse on damp hair.
    2. When hair is dry, section out the hair.
    3. Apply heat protectant serum on each section and make sure hair is detangled.
    4. Curl about an inch of hair. And continue sectioning and curling until no hair is left uncurled.
    5. Lightly run your finger through the curls and lock the look with some hairspray.


    Even after all this, we wouldn’t be advising you to pretty up for men. Always do it for yourself. Carry yourself with panache and you’d b turning heads whether you intend to or not. ;) What can you say about these hairstyles?

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