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  • Heatless Hairstyles to Try for All Hair Types

    As much as we love our hairdryers and flat irons, we cannot use them every day. Our hair needs a break from the heat and damage every once in a while. Treatments do work in restoring the damaged hair cuticles, but sometimes you also need to tune down on the styling and put down your tools. And so, we are giving you, with all willingness, a list of hairstyles you can try when you are scheduled for a ‘No-heat’ day!

    Headband Curls

    For this tutorial, all that you would need is a headband!

    1. Wrap your hair around the headband. Do it with 2-inch hair at a time.
    2. After you’ve got all your hair covered the headband, scrunch it a bit.
    3. Then mist with hairspray.
    4. Let it sit for about an hour. Read a book, watch TV, eat some sweets, do your report or simply keep yourself occupied.
    5. After an hour, remove the headband carefully and then loosen up your curly hair!

    You can also watch this quick video tutorial from Billierose.

    Messy Side Braid

    We know right! Who does not envy celebrities effortlessly rocking this laidback hairstyle. The thing with loose hairstyle is that we become too conscious that it might turn to messy and loose it is not pretty anymore. What’s best about this hairstyle is that it does not need perfectly neat and straight hair to look gorgeous.

    Follow these easy steps and you might be wearing this holiday favorite hairdo like Elizabeth Olsen, Ashlee Simpson, Blake Lively, or who knows you might be an icon yourself when it comes to this!

    1. Pull all your hair to one side. It’s up to you whether you want your hair to behind the ear or not.
    2. Smooth the crown part with your hand before braiding. You can do whatever kind you like. You can even do a combination of braids. The more complicate it is, the cuter it would look!
    3. Lock it with an elastic band.
    4. Now on how to mess and pretty it up. Hold the middle of the braid with one hand. Use the other hand to pull a few strands of hair.
    5. Then gently push the braid up a few times to give it the messy look.
    6. And, of course, do not forget to pull some strands at the end of the braid out of elastic to create an unfinished effect.

    No-Heat Blowout

    This one is pretty interesting. Apparently, natural-haired gals can still achieve a blowout look without a blow dryer or a flat iron for their ‘No-Heat’ day! The only setback here is you need to have a lot of time. Nonetheless, this is perfect to do during the weekend! Watch how this magic is done.

    What you’ll need:

    • Hair Ties
    • Large bobby pins
    • Tangle teaser
    1. With a freshly washed hair, make two buns to air dry.
    2. Once done, take down the two bun and loosen up the hair. Hair is still a little damp at this point.
    3. Divide hair into four sections.
    4. Comb the first section into one direction, like you are wrapping your head, with your fingers.
    5. Use the bobby pins to hold the hair in place.
    6. Repeat the process of combing the hair with your fingers and then pinning the hair in place until all sections are done and hair is wrapped all over your head.
    7. Wrap the hair with a satin scarf.
    8. Unwrap and unpin the hair the next day. Comb hair with fingers to put hair in place.


    Clearly, there are many ways to style your hair with or without heat! Do you have other tricks to share?

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