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  • Make the Most of your Fine Hair with these Gorgeous Hairstyles

    This is the best hair to have they say. And we can only prove it with countless reasons. Manageability wise, it is the easiest to control and style. It is flexible and works well with so many cuts and styling. But since we’d be talking about hairstyles that suits fine hair, expect to see a lot of curly hairstyles because if there is a major setback for this hair type, it is its tendency to fall flat and lifeless. But the good thing is that the lack of volume is not a very hard trouble to work out.

    Blunt Cuts

    Blunt cuts make taming a fine mane easier as it bound the hair altogether at the tips, creating a fuller image for your thin hair. Blunt cuts preserve the hair density by cutting the hair straight minus the thinning of the tips.


    As already mentioned, curling is your easiest way to achieve instant bounce and life for your hair. Curls and waves keep your fine locks compressed, not to mention it is a nice trick to get a hold of stubborn flyaway strands.


    Layering is one of the most effective ways to achieve volume as we’ve talked about in past articles, which is why it suits fine hair perfectly considering it can easily grant its need for volume. When you have fine hair, layering must be shorter at the crown part to take away the weight and add bounce instead.

    Short Hair (Bobs and Pixies)

    As our statement ‘It is flexible and works well with so many cuts and styling’ might have allowed you to expect, you are not be heartbroken. With fine hair, it is easy to experiment not only on the style but also on length. The round silhouette of a bob or a pixie cut makes it just the right ‘do for fine hair.

    How to Style Your Fine Locks

    Getting the right cut will never get you the most desirable result without proper styling, and that goes for any type of hair.

    A blow-dryer is a must-have!

    Yes you can skip your flat iron at times, but you should never skip drying your fine hair strands with a blow-dryer. Make sure that when you blow-dry though, you are not simply drying it. You should also be leading the hair to the direction you want them to fall. And then you can just polish off the tips with a paddle brush.

    Hair products

    Another thing you should be mindful of is the products you put on your hair. The hair and beauty world of our era works with specification. Thus, use only shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, serums, etc. that aremainly formulated for fine hair. But you wouldn’t commonly come by products labelled specifically ‘for thin hair’ rather you would find ‘for hair volume’, and that’s what you should pick!

    Celebrities with Fine Hair

    Why does this matter? Is that even a question? Haha! Looking at celebrity hair sharing the same hair type as yours does not only give you tons of ideas of how to style your fine hair right. As you know their hair are done by the most meticulous hairdressers alive! But most importantly, keeping your crown updated and trendy would be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    So here’s the list and we made sure to include only the most fashionable of them. ;)

    Sienna Miller

    Karlie Kloss

    Taylor Momsen


    Gwyneth Paltrow


    Alexa Bledel


    Angelina Jolie

    Blake Lively

    Nicole Scherzinger


    Emma Stone


    Milla Jovovich




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