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  • Pros and Cons of Perming hair

    Perming is double-edged sword. One part of you knows that it will cause your hair some damage, but another part still wants to push it through anyway for the sake of looking good and sort of achieving perfection. Like some things, such as chemically straightening hair, taking a decision to perm hair takes a lot of thinking. Because once you’re in it, even after the grow out, you might not be able have your natural hair in its state before the artificial curling, especially if you have a nicely straight hair. But we’ll help you decide and make you realize if it is the next step for you, way more than just the reason that curls are becoming a popular choice.

    The PROs

    • The promise of a better look. It comes first on the list, of course. At first glance, we know, think we know at the very least, if a trend would suit us or not.
    Tip: It would not be create the most realistic and most accurate impression, but trying virtual hair makeovers can give you a hint of whether perming would be good on you or not.
    • It can boost your hair volume. If you’re forever complaining of your flat and lifeless hair, perming can absolutely give it some bounce. Note: It is crucial to know that perming work better on thick hair.
    • It brings about the change you wanted. If you are determined and convinced that you do not want to wear your hair straight or naturally curly or naturally wavy anymore.
    • Less styling. We know, of course, that though we’d really give some time to pretty up our hair, it can get tiresome if done often. After perming, expect your preparations to be a much less lighter. Less combing, less ironing, etc.!
    • Easier to manage. Naturally curly-haired girls would totally agree on this. Permed hair still has less frizz than natural hair.
    • Hair-friendly chemicals. The good thing in the evolution of hair products is that you now have options for milder chemicals, even natural products, to artificially create your curls.

    Now here comes the list which makes the decision difficult to make.

    The CONs

    • Dryness and frizz. This is one of the damages your hair has to deal with after perming. Some hair turn really dry  and brittle, so if this is already your hair situation, perming is a big no-no.
    • Less styling also means fewer hairstyle options. Unlike before that you can recreate a Pinterest tutorial every day, after your hair is permed, you hairdo choices literally narrow down.
    • The No-Wash rule. This one is a one-time disadvantage and a little insubstantial we might as well say, but it is still a lot of inconvenience considering the strange smell of chemicals you have to put through for 2 days or so.
    • Weaker hair. Another damage perming might do to your hair is to weaken it. the chemicals might cause more breakage and split ends.
    • It can be expensive. And we are not talking about the one-time perm treatment fee. Permed hair requires more effort to keep it looking healthy.
    • It is PERMANENT. Once the process is not properly and expertly done, you would have to deal with bad hair months, depending on your hair growth rate, before you completely grow it out.


    After reading all these, the positive and negative facades of perming, you should be able to know which side is weightier for you. Would you perm or not?

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