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  • How to Wear Your Hair under a Baseball Cap

    Real women wear baseball cap. And it is not because you are secretly a man by heart but because you can also pull of a sexy tomboy aesthetic as good as do with your undeniably feminine and sophisticated style. If you want to how off your edgy part this accessory should do the trick. But the question is do you know how to wear your hair under a baseball cap? Real women can wear a baseball cap without anyone questioning their sexuality. It all lies with the hair underneath the sporty hat. And here are ways on how you can look cute with a cap.


    That look like your hair is all messed up from bed. You do this genuinely (haha!) or recreate the look. Spray some beach spray to add texture to your hair and mess you hair up a bit, you can do curls or braids, to deliver a boyish charm in a very feminine way. Megan Fox is surely an expert here!

    Wear it Backward

    If you re going to wear it this way and look cool, place the cap in a slightly crooked position. If you need some tips in wearing your cap askew, go check out Cara!


    This one is a classic when it comes to this category. A ponytail under a cap is a quick and easy style that always works. You can try different kinds of ponytails to put your own spin on baseball cap hair. A tight and regular ponytail would look just as good as a loose and low one.You can even try mixing it up with messy braids. This look is perfect when you are going outdoors or simply just watching a game. It can keep your hair off your face, neck and shoulders so you would not have to be conscious about it all day

    Side Ponytail

    If you are not comfortable in pulling all of your hair backwards but you also do not want your hair to get in the way, the perfect hairstyle to wear under a baseball would be side ponytail. Look cute, stylish and ready for anything al at the same time!


    Braids and caps make the perfect contrast and it is interesting. You can go neat or messy, simple or fancy. Bestseller here is the fishtail braids. You can braid all of your hair or just do half of it. this look is sophisticated though it might take a few minutes to style.

    Fake Bangs

    If you want to get instant bangs, try this easy trick! Pile your hair all over your head, take the ends and drape it over your forehead. And it would give you the look like you have bangs!

    Let your Hair Down

    The easiest way to do it; wear a cap with your hair as is. Not to mention it is also a quick escape from a bad hair day. this brings out the truest version of you.


    Curls, especially the loose ones create a very flattering contrast with this boyish accessory. People would think you are sporty and tough and hot at the same time. Is it not the exact image we all want to have?


    If you are having a bad hair day, throw on a baseball cap no matter what hairstyle you are wearing and you would feel good in an instant. What is your favorite baseball cap hairstyle?



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