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  • How to Avoid Brass Tones

    When you dye or add highlights to your hair do you notice that one or two strands which stand out because it is too shiny and sort of brassy? It ruins what might have been the perfect look and hair color swap. It also makes the hair look less healthy. So, how do you keep your hair from going brassy? Well, we hate to break it you but this is not a one-size-fits-all kind of problem. Solutions vary depending on the tones used and the overall condition of one’s hair.

    Common Causes of Brassy Hair

    This condition occurs when there is imbalance of color molecules in the hair exposing the underlying pigment of hair. Each hair color has different underlying pigment. But the darker the hair, the easier it is to expose its underlying pigments making the hair appears brassy.

    • Chemical hair process
    • Mineral deposits from shower or swimming pool
    • Several layers of dye
    • Ocean water
    • Hair products with with silicone or paabens
    • Shampoos containing sulphates
    • Sun exposure

    Solutions for Brassy Hair

    Baking soda-hydrogen peroxide solution – you have probably encountered this blend before when you were looking for DIY cleaning solutions. And yes, it works as toothpaste and a cleaning paste. And this should not cause apprehension as it would also work to keep your hair from getting brassy tones.

    • ¼ cup of baking soda
    • Hydrogen peroxide

    How to:

    1. Mix the baking soda with only 3% of hydrogen peroxide.
    2. Wet your hair, not necessarily need washing.
    3. Apply the mixture on dripping wet hair.
    4. Leave it on for about 15 minutes before washing it off.
    5. Then here comes the smelly part, massage the hair with white vinegar.
    6. Leave it on ‘til your next shower schedule. (Better do it during the long weekends or holidays! ;))

    Purple Shampoo – it can help neutralize the warmth in blonde hair, avoiding the unwanted yellow-orange tones.

    Toner— a toner works by counterbalancing the tones opposite it in the color wheel, which means awareness of your hair’s underlying pigment is necessary to pick the right toner. I know you are probably thinking this is already too much work. But remember, achieving beautiful hair requires effort. However, too much use of tones might cause your hair to turn blue or purple. A good trick is mixing a few drops of toner to the dye you are going to use.

    Use the right hair color – one tip to avoid brassy tones when dyeing your hair is using shades that are at most two shades lighter or darker than your existing hair color.

    Color hair gradually – apart from using the right hair color, doing the whole process slowly can also help condition the hair. We would not recommend that you go from a hair color to a hair on the other end of the spectrum.


    We can’t really get the perfect look in one go. When it comes to hair, one thing would lead to another. Coloring your hair does not end up after you have rinsed off the colorant from your hair? You have to do several more processes if you want to enjoy your hair color makeover. Proper hair care is a lifetime commitment.

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