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  • Salon Etiquette 101

    Enjoy the benefits of getting along well with your hairstylist by knowing how to act inside his/her territory. Not only will you feel at ease during your appointments but you would also receive the best treatment. However, maintaining a harmonious hairstylist-client relationship is not solely on the client’s end. In here, you will know how to behave inside a salon and how your hairstylist should work with you.

    Salon Etiquette for Clients

    • Be punctual – it’s rude to keep people waiting. And that applies to everything, not just to your hair appointment. The proper thing to do if you really can’t come on time is to give your salon a heads up just as you would expect them to notify you when there have been changes to your schedule. If you don’t, you might lose your appointment and wouldn’t have any right to complain about it.
    • Be aware of the price of the service you are having – asking for the cost of the service should be done when booking your appointment and not after the service is done.
    • Bring pictures of hairstyles you want – because sometimes it is hard to explain how you really want your hair done. However, you should be open for answers whether it is a yes or a no. Your hairstylist should be able to make it clear why it isn’t the most suitable style for your hair though.
    • Do not be afraid to ask – if you want something, say it, but keep in the courteous approach. If you want to be treated amiably, be amiable in return.
    • Use cellphones only when necessary – like being late, it is rude to text, chat and answer calls while your hairstylist is working on your hair.
    • Tip your stylist – this is not a requirement. But if you are satisfied with the result and your hairstylist has been all warm, attentive and professional towards you, he/she deserves a tip. Plus, tipping well can do you favors in the future. Tip rate: 10-20%
    • Try to keep things professional – although it almost normal to share a few personal stories with your hair stylist, it is improper to assume that you are friends outside the salon. Try to keep things professional.

    Salon Etiquette for Stylists

    • Don’t let the client waiting without giving him/her a status – this happens when a stylist is overbooked or wouldn’t be able to come on time. It is improper not to inform the client.
    • Assume the client does not know the price of the service – so, it is important that the stylist makes it clear about the matter of pricing, especially if the client is getting more than one service.
    • Be honest and kind – when explaining to the client why he/she cannot get that style or when answering questions, a hairstylist should be patient and kind.
    •  Do not use cellphones while working – if the client is advised to put away his/her handset, the stylist is equally expected to do the same.
    • Do not pry – try to keep things professional. Do not initiate on asking personal and intimate stuff even though you have had previous conversations with the client during appointments before. The client would share if he/she likes anyway.


    So, next time you head to the salon, make sure you are mindful of these things to avoid stylists and clients clash.
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